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  1. The x wasn't in luxord's name before xemnas came along. Lord Ux isnt it
  2. It's really sad seeing the community desperately looking for clues to tie this mess together. I'm not criticising your theory, it's actually really solid. It's just that It really sucks that we can't have a properly streamlined story and everyone has to interpret shit in their own way to make sense of it all. The story has always been pretty complicated and there was always a healthy amount of theories. But in the past there were actual clues and hints to inspire them. And even if we couldn't come up with good theories we were still satisfied with what we had cause the story, the main story was good. A lot to keep track of? Sure but not like it is now. Things in the story just kinda happen now and nomura doesn't even try to explain his retcons. It used to be fun making up theories. Now it's just the community being frustrated with the unexplainable, God awful storytelling trying to get some closure.
  3. Me too but relying on dlc for that is a pretty low bar for kh
  4. The overall game was more Disneyfied. That in it self is a huge problem in more ways than one. But the most noticeable difference for me is the complete disregard for the original worlds. The game had literally 0 original worlds worth exploring. While all the love went into creating the Disney ones, making them as faithful, beautiful and expansive as they ended up being. The original worlds are so half assed its actually hilarious. Proper jokes
  5. Dude, im with you on them coming back. I love that they did. I hate that I knew that they would, months before the release
  6. Honestly, new comers didn't buy the game for the kh story shown in the trailers. New comers saw the Disney stuff and thought it might be cool. I'm pretty sure the reason they showed so much was a generall overconfidence that the game had so much to offer story wise that what they showed was unimportant. Which as I said is just plain wrong and hurt our experience with the game really bad
  7. Kh3 was marketed in a terrible way and after letting the game sit for a while it really became clear to me. First of all, mostly everyone has now realized that the game was totally, undoubtedly spoiled by its own trailers. I trusted square. I was one of the people who didn't believe they were showing much...but when I got the game...oh my god where can I even start. I cannot describe the disservice the last few trailers did to the keyblade graveyard segment. Can you even imagine, how much of an impact the scene where everyone "dies" would have if the trailers hadn't shown anything past that point? Its literally a scene where almost every character we know and love is dying before us and I felt NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Why? Because Nomura wasn't responsible with what he showed and we had already seen these characters alive for other scenes which we could now realize had to come later. What a disaster. The emotional weight of the scene was absent due to us knowing that everyone is gonna be fine. Not just assuming from a narrative standpoint. Knowing for a fact they would cause of the trailers. Lingering will...why...just why.. Why would they ever show him in a trailer. Its a character that half of the fanbase doesn't even know whether he's canon or not. Nobody knew he 'd be returning. Just imagine experiencing that scene without that knowledge. Just a shame. The final world was revealed like what, 3 months before the release? Yeah OK that's smart. Making one of the most unpredictable parts of the story lose its punch by showing it in a trailer. And don't give me that "oh we didn't know what it was tho". Literally everyone called it. Everyone thought that sora was either dead or really close to dying. Roxas, Xion. I'm just gonna leave this here...cause oh my god...why. What is wrong with you square..two of the best written characters..one of which had a death scene that unlike litteraly the entirety of the other kh death scenes, felt somewhat real and permanent. Why should I know, before I even buy your stupid ass game that they are both back....what is actually wrong with yall. Why rob me of that reveal. Jesus Christ. I'm sorry this was long. I'm just sorry in general.
  8. Honestly that doesn't bother me that much. It's noticeable and I feel bad for the people who liked him better before but I feel like Axel got a better treatment. He stood up for himself against xemnas, and actually tried to attack him, protected kairi (by taking terranort's hit), called out saix on his bs and got his reunion with both Roxas and xion. He had some cool 4rth wall breaking moments too. But again, if you feel like they made him somewhat of a comedy relief character I agree. But since the humor wasn't bad, it was fine for me. And he didn't feel like a joke character (like Demyx).
  9. Its better to have sora defeating xemnas again? Instead of having roxas do it? Ooook? I'd be down with the xion "getting her revenge" arguement if the saix battle was her and axel vs saix, while having roxas fulfilling the one thing left for him to do in the series. Roxas has already bested saix. His 2 minute appearance would have been better fitted fighting alongside sora. Sora and his nobody versus Xehanort and his nobody. Which was what literally everyone was expecting, because it actually makes sense. What we got was rushed and anticlimactic . And the sad thing is that Roxas's arc is done. Nomura had the chance to give him a truly satisfying resolution but chose to go with this embarrassing excuse of a fight.
  10. Sora turned into a heartless and she immediately saved him. You could argue that sora wasn't "dead" but its basically the same thing. Having her saving sora like that is definitely not a new thing.
  11. Nah, I don't think its the engine at all. Even looking at the first few trailers when the game was running on the luminous engine, you could see the same disregard for smooth animation work and fluidity
  12. In kh3 its not game breaking or anything, its just really frustrating. They fixed the airslide a tone and made the air combos faster but ad I said, faster combos=\=fluid gameplay. There's way more to it. Kh2 had that God like fluidity and for some reason Osaka team can't get their heads around it to really replicate this feeling. Even after all the negative feedback from both 0.2 and the demo events, they still failed to really fix the issue. An issue that didn't exist in kh2, a game they got to remaster and spend a lot of time analyzing and still they don't really seem to understand it. Either that, or their priorities are way out of order, cause we could easily sacrifice some meaningless flashyness for a more fluid and snappy combat experience.
  13. Now I know everyone has kinda already said it but kingdom hearts 3 is still floaty. Even though its less floaty than BBS or even 0.2, the floatyness is still present. Some people seem to equate floatyness to just slow combos and while yeah, slow combos are part of the problem, it ain't just that. Kh2 (the best game in the series) is not characterized as fluid just cause it has fast combos. Firstly, the animations transition flawlessly, even when you as the player cut them short. The way sora transitions between each hit feels organic and looks amazing, something that kh3 butchers since, especially in air combos, sora seems to move a set amount forward for each hit and he has some really abrupt transitions between each hit as well. Like really abrupt. An other contributing factor to the floaty feeling is gravity. There is a FAR better overall feeling of gravity and conservation of momentum in kh2 than in kh3. I don't think much needs to be said on gravity. In kh2 while performing aerial combos, gravity is noticeably present and sora doesn't just stay in the same altitude for the whole combo like in kh3. When it comes to conservation of momentum its a bit more complicated. In kh2 when you aerial dodge for example and follow it up with gliding, the velocity you gain by the dodge gives you a jump start and you reach the top gliding speed faster. This is probably the simplest way to explain this. Even attacks give sora a boost. Aerial finish for example gets sora closer to the enemy while it takes place and turns him to wherever the enemy is being thrown. Its basicaly trying to have sora facing the enemy all the way through while also giving him a boost to really reach whatever he is going after. The complete lack of understanding of this concept by Osaka team is really noticeable when looking at how they brought back this same finisher. In kh3, aerial finish has sora stationery in the air and many of the hits end up missing the target cause the attack doesn't change direction if needed like it would in kh2. Its like Osaka team, when deciding to bring it back, only looked at how flashy and cool it looks and missed the point with everything that makes it useful and satisfying. This problem is shared with most of sora's finishers in kh3. An other part of the problem with "floatyness" is the responsiveness of the controls. In kh2, any action performed was really snappy and precise. You'd press a button and IMMEDIATELY, sora would act accordingly. In kh3 there is this sort of input lag that prevents sora from feeling truly responsive. If I wanna perform my basic 4 hit combo in kh3 I gotta mash the x button like 10 times, a problem that was never there in kh2. All of that combined with slower combos is the real problem and the reason kh3 still fails to deliver a truly fluid combat experience. No, it doesn't suffer from these issues as much as BBS but it definitely isn't free of them either.
  14. Yeah so I've talked about my problem with the pacing being atrocious but when it comes to the actual story of kh3 I'm generally positive. It would have actually been my favorite if:
  15. Yeah its fine don't sweat it. And just to clear this up: I'm not negative about kh3. I LOVED kh3. It's just that I saw SO MANY reviews on this forum where people were completely missing the point with their criticism and I wanted to give my 2 cents on the issue. The pros of this game outweighed the cons 100%.
  16. the last few trailers we got had a number of scenes in Radiant garden. If they never intended to have the world playable there's no reason to have those scenes in there. It's not like they teased something interesting in those scenes. As for destiny islands it was literally the first world we ever saw from kingdom hearts 3 back in e3 2013. We never knew whether it'd make it in the game seeing as how that first trailer was conceptual but later during the heavy promotional stage for the game we saw that very scene updated. Sora and goofy where there (so a party member too). If they never planned to have these places available, then they should have never been in trailers. If we never saw these scenes and got the game we'd be happy to see these places make a return (even in cutscenes). Now that we had already seen them it just feels like a disappointment. What we got in the trailers was basically the entirety of these worlds.
  17. having her at the end is fine. But we already know what she wants from khux and that cutscene they had in 2.5. We really didn't need to see her fail.
  18. yeah but like..why even have her in there? You can take her out of the game and nothing changes. It's actually hilarious.
  19. The only reason I created this account is cause for whatever reason "fans" of the series are criticizing the game in the weirdest most childish way possible. heres a proper review
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