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About Me

My name is Delenn, I'm 23, I live in the United States (East Coast), and I help work with the news team and the social media team! You might see me around talking to you guys, even though I can be a little bit shy in big groups! My favorite characters from Kingdom Hearts are Xion and Demyx, and I heavily wish there was more merch with them. Where are my Xion and Demyx figurines, Nomura? (UPDATE: There is a Xion figurine. I love her.) I also adore Sora as well, and I love to make up theories and stories surrounding him!

The other fandoms I'm involved in is quite small, surprisingly--the only other fandom I'm really in is the Vocaloid fandom, which is a quiet one now-a-days. (Probably for the better, tbh.)

I'm a writer, and I love to write about anything and everything. I might post some fanfiction if I'm not too afraid, but I do get nervous doing so, so you may not find much of my stuff on here. 

If you ever need anything, like to get in contact with someone on the team, come to me and let me know! I'm always here to give a hand! 

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