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  1. Yup! It's such a good show! It gets compared a lot to Star Vs (Another great show) because of the magical girl aspect but.... Sadly, I cant find any male Star Vs shirts. Or.... any shirts for that matter. Hmm...
  2. Took this before stream this morning.
  3. I'm fairly new to Union Cross. But I love Toy Box Sora so much, I knew I had to get the outfit as soon as I could!
  4. So I ordered a Roxas necklace and it should be here within the next week!
  5. Whew. Ok. I was worried there for a second. 😥 But I hope to come back soon. I have a meeting in the morning that my boss sprung on me last minute. She assured me I'm not in trouble, and it's just a refresher meeting since we hired someone new. I believe her that Im not in trouble, but I would have liked at least more than a day's notice, y'know?
  6. Ok, again, I apologize. Wanted to show the banner off, and hindsight made me go "Well, crap. That's probably a bad".
  7. The link thing happened after I edited it for some reason.
  8. Yeah, I'm just doing my best to stay on brand. (Though a friend did make me an offline banner with UI Shaggy in it.) (Also, if this is not allowed, feel free to remove. I do realize this may come across as self promotion, so I apologize if this crosses any lines)
  9. Thank you! I heard this is legit the best KH community, so I'm looking forward to this. Like, a week ago, I was feeling down in the dumps, and decided to stream KH2 Final Mix, as KH2 is my "safe space" for nostalgia reasons (And I dont use the word "nostalgia" as a positive often). Got a little nervous using the term "safe space", but the support from the fandom in general (at least in my personal experiences) is amazing.
  10. Heyo! How's everyone doing tonight? New here, but I thought I'd ease back into this whole forum thing in the general chat, since I'm honestly a little nervous. Heh. Anyway, hope you guys and gals are doing okay.
  11. So, I heard about this site through a podcast titled "The Ansem Report", which in turn, I found through a simple search on Spotify because I was craving anything Kingdom Hearts while at work, since I don't have time to play Union Cross while adulting, and simultaneously wishing I was at home streaming KH2. Kingdom Hearts is a big part of my life, and I don't know if I'd be the person I am today without Sora's huge amount of positivity and love for his friends somewhat motivating me to be a better friend and person in my own right. (Though a little Roxas pettiness/anger seeps out on the rare occasion someone does happen to get under my skin). Even if my positivity and me openly crying led my ex to break up with me last summer, but let bygones be bygones. Anyway, I haven't been part of a forum since around 2011, so I hope I can get back in the groove through KH13! Much love, Shaggy P.S. May your heart be your guiding key.
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