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  1. you shud have seen what they did on KHI. go to the homepage, I saw it got all ezxcited literally screamed, clicked on the link, and my heart sank
  2. Hey. I tried downloading the new Jump Festa 2010 BbS trailer in the trailer's section, but it kept taking me to video about the command board. What's wrong?
  3. no, Nomura said that Leon and the gang WON'T be in BbS, due to too many characters; he said it would get too confusing
  4. Some people wanted me to put ep. 2 of my KH spoof, but it was a while ago, and I am sure no one remembers that, but anyway, here it is:
  5. even tho I was the Joker from batman, i removed my heart for the night and pretended to be a nobody.
  6. The BBS JP website put the trailer up, so GameTrailers put it up, and I cropped it and put English subtitles. Enjoy...I changed dome of the translation to make it less awkward in English, but it's the same basic lines. The first one has no subtitles, and second does. zTIJYx_xCMY 68bjjnuuaZE
  7. Hey guys! I'm writing a book, and wanted to show you chapter one!
  8. ok, so you dont want me tellin you that xion is *muffled* *muffled* *muffled* I wont tell you that AT ALL!
  9. Links for the news are on the actual YouTube video page. FlZEAACj-Do&feature=channel_page
  10. i heard a simliar thread on HEARTSTATION, and I would tell you what i put, but it was like, 5 paragraphs, and the HEARTSTAtion forums were deleted or something
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