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  1. Really? Wow what days do you remember? Sorry I can't remember...
  2. I hate how my sister is ALWAYS louder in the morning when I just woke up, I'm the kinda person who would rip your head off if you even say hi to me in the morning.... And School
  3. that's happened to me twice before, and it was kinda weird when it happened cause I thought I was gonna die and then it's just like, "hey I'm alive!"
  4. ^is wrong < :heart:'s zemyx V is father to an angery bear
  5. I do sometimes... probably because it's even more retarted the second time I read it. But normally I don't hold back! "I feel no shame!" -as said by Justin some random kid I met at an open house for Short Pump
  6. Nope! sorry, I'm american and always have been! again sorry
  7. not to be a downer or anything but you do realize that that means "remember you will die"
  8. I've heard of it but never actually read it. I wanna see the movie though. and again my computer fails me so i couldn't see the trailer :@
  9. Maximum Ride Fav. character Fang and Iggy!! I've only read up to The Final Warning and I'm looking for Max but can't find the damn thing! but that's okay! *painful optimism*
  10. it's good. off topic Larxene I like you profile pic.! Still, there's plenty of detail.
  11. My friend got into an argument w/ daniel about superspeed also being super strength because you need super strength in your legs in order to gain super speed. she walked up to me and went "Amy, super strength is also super speed right? cause daniel says it isn't" I didn't really know how o respond. If I had a super power it would be to control fire. I wanted this before I knew about KH OR axel
  12. IZ BE A CACTUS "Awww, look at all the chinchillas!" *5 year old walks up* "No. They're chinillas" "No sweety, it's chinchilla" "No. It's CHINNILA" "okay fine whatever. look at all the chinillas
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