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  1. Misuzu


    Nope. My memory is bad enough as it is, so no bells were rung, lol. And gracias, Naught.
  2. Misuzu


    He's actually been in NYC for two years doing missionary work. He comes back in July. 8D
  3. Misuzu


    I only remember that KairiSora(06?) girl, DChuich, and Cellar Door. Well, those are the only usernames I recognize. Gracias~
  4. Misuzu


    o.o? Yeah, still am. Gracias~
  5. I honestly don't understand why they keep coming out with these sorts of things. Do they not realize that this affects them, as well? It's like they're asking for death threats, riots, etc.
  6. Misuzu


    Because that line hasn't been overused enough already. =|
  7. SOPA and PIPA may be dead, but now there's a new issue on the rise that's even worse than SOPA/PIPA. Not only does it involve America, but 3(7?) other countries as well; it's called ACTA. There's a petition you can sign to help prevent it from happening, as well: https://wwws.whiteho...ternet/MwfSVNBK
  8. Misuzu


    I managed to stumble upon this place again after years of leaving it behind after trolling it with a few of my other friends - some of you might remember them as Chronic Tumor or Zeke, I think? I don't even know what I'm doing here, guess I'm bored or something. ANYHOO. I recognize a few names on here one being a person I remember to be extremely obnoxious. Here's to hoping people have changed~
  9. Terra's eyes change color for a different reason. And I highly doubt Vanitas is Xehanort. Not everyone is involved in a neverending connection of the characters.
  10. I know everyone thinks there is a hidden message, but honestly people, would Nomura REALLY go that far as to writing lyrics that have meanings backward and forward? It's too much. I'm sure if everyone heard it first without the person putting subtitles you wouldn't have a clue what she's saying. The words make it seem like those are the words, when most of them don't even match the subtitle. Although it's cool, I'm sure there isn't a hidden message.
  11. 1. Do you think that the average youtuber talks to people as they would in real life? --Depends, I suppose. But in majority, probably not. 2. Do you think that the average kh13 member talks to people as they would in real life? --Don't know? 3. Do you think that you yourself talk to people on the internet as you would in real life? --Sometimes I don't talk the way I do over the internet in real life, but majority, yes.
  12. Misuzu


    It's never good to fight fire with fire. Honestly, No doing that note the second time was pretty dumb, even though it was supposed to be a joke. She may say she doesn't care, but you never know that she could actually feel threatened or something. And the fact that she's always cussing at people and whatnot probably means she's insecure and feels to make herself feel better, she has to insult others. As annoying and rude as she is, it'd be best to ignore her since she isn't willing to change instead of cussing back. It's immature, and unreasonable. Leave her be, and see how things turn out.
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