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  1. If memory serves, "hope" is supposed to be in the box. When MoM whispered what is really in the box to Luxu, he wasn't shocked, more surprised in a "but, why?" kinda way. It's not something that is in-your-face important. Whatever it is, It's probably unassuming and will only serve as "hope" when the proper context is given. It could be something that hasn't been introduced yet. I vaguely remember (I could be wrong because I can't find the article again) that Nomura once said in a interview that there is no point in guessing and to just enjoy the mystery ride. This theory isn't mine but someone (I wish I give could proper credit but I forget who it was) said that the box could be a 'black box' akin to a plane's information black box. It holds the data of all of the keybladers who became dream eaters. If you have the data, you can return the wielders to their true form.
  2. I'm not familiar with text-based games so I'm not sure if my comments mean anything. That was awesome! Very well done.
  3. In truth, I enjoyed nearly all of them and would love to see all of them return (except for duels) (I chuckled when I saw that it had 0% so far). I picked alternative cutscenes. Even though it doesn't impact the gameplay in anyway, I like the extra thought put into the story. It doesn't really change anything but its still cool to know that another "option" exists. This feature may return. It is unlikely though. In the boss fight against Yozora, there are 2 endings: one where Sora wins and one where he loses. Admittedly, the "Sora loses" ending only happens once. If you're defeated again, the ending won't play. Also, the "Sora wins" is canon, if I recall. The "Sora loses" ending sounds more like a troll prank SE did because the fight is so hard. Still, since I haven't seen alternative outcomes since KH1, it was nice to see it make a soft return.
  4. Ordinarily I'd say Soul Eater. I like it marginally better than Way to Dawn. I love the symbolism but the wing's color kinda clashes for me. If the wing had a similar color pallet, I would say its the superior weapon by far. Its a small nick pick though. I understand that its supposed to be lighter in color for the symbolism of Riku's strengthening light. However, in order to give this poll more variety, I'll say Keyblade of People's Hearts. Its dangerous and intimidating looking while still being simple in design. I'm still slightly bummed that it was only in the first game for a short awhile. It's also the weapon that created Roxas and Namine and Xion albeit indirectly.
  5. I already have a copy so I can pass on a second but I still want to contribute. Let me know if you like this memory Right before kh3 came out, my best friend and I celebrated by making sea salt ice cream. Neither of us are experienced in the kitchen so it proved a trial. Our friendship was tested! XD During the process, we had to boil milk and we had either a too small a pot or too much milk. It overflowed onto the stove. It caused some parts of the stove to become wet which normally should be dry. Afterwards, the stove wouldn't ignite. We were so scared that we broke the stove (everything was fine; we didn't seriously damage it, it just had to dry off on its own). The process was a first and we had some obstacles but we overcome it. The end result actually wasn't half bad. Our home made sea salt ice cream was pretty good. Lately, we've been talking about trying it again now that we have a better idea of what to do. Another memory I have is back in my childhood. It's more funny and ironic when I look back on it in lights of recent of story revelations. Back during the kh2 period, I tried explaining kingdom hearts to my uncle. I had the strategy guide for the game at the time. I showed him the character profiles whilst I (tried to) explained what Organization 13 was. My uncle's favorite character was Xigbar because he "just looks like a guy with secrets" and that "this dude must have an interesting backstory." Oh man, he had no idea. My uncle unknowingly foresaw the biggest kh twist nearly 2 decades prior.
  6. Tell me about it. All of this stuff and its Japan exclusive. I even have this game on my phone!
  7. That's awesome! Or it would be if I lived in Japan! Seriously, why can't I go to my local 7-11 and get this amazing stuff? I love all of the new merch but I have to admit that I'm getting tired that most of it is Japan exclusive.
  8. I hope so. I'm getting annoyed that Japan has exclusive access to all of this 20th anniversary merch. I want some of this stiff!
  9. That is amazing work! Well done. I hope you get the suit finished in time.
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