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  1. I'm fine with it, but still, it looks a bit off to me. The face doesnt look like sora's face ( e.g check KH2 ending cutscene when he reads the letter, then look at his face now, even if it's more realistic I don't recognizz Sora's traits.. ) His outfit however looks dope. I love it. Also the Keyblade transforming into a Hook looks nice. Cant wait to see Sora's new powers, and how the story will evolve.
  2. Thanks for sharing ! I've been blown away by khiv preview. Sora looks amazing, but... I'm not sure what to think about his new appearance. It looks miles away from the face he had in the previous titles, it doesnt look like him at all. I wonder if it might be related to Quadratum specificities, just like Yozora told Sora it's not his actual appearance. But then why Strelitzia would look the same ? If this is his definitive appearance for the future titles, I am not really convinced. His attire looks nice, but there's something with his face. I don't know.
  3. I personally think that if there's a bridge game, it's going to focus on Yozora's story, just like Days did with Roxas.. i think it would be interesting to introduce the character background before actually getting into the serious business.
  4. I love the fact that Kingdom Hearts become more and more used by other medias/formats. I'm still dying to see a kingdom hearts tv show actually happening. Adapting the manga to an anime would be so nice.
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