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  1. Ha I can't wait to see what he looks like. The suspence is killing me...
  2. Oh yea.. I must of forgotten. I love that scene.
  3. I never really like Wonderland. Since I hated the movie, I hated the world aswell. Atlantica in KH wasn't that bad but I had hard killing the heartless in the water. But KHII I was just losing it. I just wanted to shoot myself.
  4. I would be the apprentice of Axel - The Flurry of Dancing Flames You are the "heart" of the Organization XIII, Axel and you constantly planning to end the boredom and silence within the Castle that Never Was. Together with you firends, Demyx and Roxas you'll mess up the life of the other members a little bit. Searching for someone to mess with Vexen's experiments or cut small figures out of Luxords cards? Your the one to do it! And although you get a lot into trouble, you're still skilled at fighting and controling your element, which's fire, by the way. The only thing you lack is that you tend to understimate your opponents and therefore, if loosing to someone, loose pretty bad. The others either love or totally despise you, most of them not knowing wether you're really a friend or going to cut their throat the next moment. Since you don't get along with the Superior and his "pet", Saix, very well, you're most likely to leave the Organization one day and follow that non-existant heart of yours.... Members with whose apprentices you'll probably get along with well: Demyx, Roxas, Larxene Who you should look out for: Xemnas, Saix, Xigbar As long as I'm with Axel, I'm good.
  5. I would have to agree with deathskull on Saix's true name. I mean, its pretty obvious. Just take the "X" and there you got a name.
  6. Days is out where I live I haven't even got it yet. But the game looks sooo cool. I can't wait to play as Axel But right now I'm busy gettin' money for a PSP so I can play BBS when it comes out.
  7. So I'm not the only upset about the they pronouced Lea. ARG JUST SAYING THE NAME MAKES ME THINK OF ROCK LEE FROM NARUTO!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO Oh and Axel is 8 scenes? I thought he was only in 7 scenes. Not unless I missed one scene...
  8. I thought Ven told Terra to erase him... Geez, I must have really bad memory then
  9. Well we gotta start it back up again... Horizon
  10. (I just felt like saying I love Tigger. Just somthing random I had to put there) Yagura
  11. Erm... Gaara.. (He's the only one that popped in mind. I'm running out of words here)
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