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Robbie the Wise

Will The Real Lea Please Stand Up

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Hello ladies and gentleman welcome to the whose the real Lea gameshow! Today we will be ruthlessly interrogating trying to figure out who the real Lea is. The game is simple I'll ask a question and all the Leas will answer to the best of their ability. May the best Lea win. The losers get stabbed by the X-blade.


Question 1: Why is Lea your favorite character!

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Because he is firetrucking badass ;)


Because he is the fan favourite.


Because he's smexy and badass :D

*Stabs you with the X-blade* WRONG! The reason is because out of all the KH characters you relate to him the most. Lea is a character with a fiery personality that always follows through with what he says he's going to do. Plus you want to have his fire babies. You fakers are looking pretty fake right now


Question 2: Pop or Soda?

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