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"Power Rangers" Zord Poster Teaser

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It looks alright, I guess. Still somewhat excited for the movie, but I'm not going to go in expecting anything mind-blowing or amazing here. I saw an interview with Walter Emanuel Jones a few weeks back (the original MMPR black ranger, Zack) where he expressed how bummed he was that the original cast wasn't even given an invitation to have cameos or play any part at all in the making of this movie. I get it - they're doing a reboot/re-do just like every other cult following show has been getting thanks to cash hungry Hollywood. But it's just odd to me I suppose, because the original MMPR was so big BECAUSE of the awesome cast that they had back then.


Anyways, all that aside -

the posters look cool and all, but some of these poses are a bit ridiculous. The blue ranger especially, he's got that whole "paint me like one of your French girls" pose going on. Haha  :lol:

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