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Hey its that guy! He was able to put scratches and dents on Captain America's shield during civil war!!


My fav is still Peter Parker tho for his 'Everyone's got a gimmick now!' quote lol


He was awesome in Civil War, and I can say that now since I actually got to see it yesterday finally. xD


Also, I'm pretty sure Falcon/Sam Wilson said that, not Peter Parker, but I do agree that Tom Holland killed it as PP/Spidey in Civil War because of said viewing.

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Good God, Marvel just keeps rolling out success after success! Black Panther was amazing in Civil War, and it looks like he'll enjoy equal success in his own solo outing next year! And just think, that after Black Panther, we'll get Avengers: Infinity War! And Black Panther will be a part of said film! THE HYPE IS REAL!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is such a beautiful creature! With ever expanding depth and lore, it has beauty and epicness all over it! :')

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