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Skyace 65

New tech and the potential for the future

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So I'm going to assume if you're reading this you've seen the new KH3 trailer(If you haven't go do that now). So we now know that Pixar worlds can be in future Kingdom Hearts installments! It's definitely going to be fun exploring some classic worlds, however there's another benefit you might not know of. In the future, environments from Pixar movies could be taken and put straight into Kingdom Hearts!


How would this possible? Pixar is a leader in technology for the animation industry, and one new piece of technology they've developed is Universal Scene Description. So what is USD? It's an open source file format for moving scenes between different 3D programs, since right now every program has its own format on how data is stored.  


So how does this relate to Kingdom Hearts? KH3 is being developed with Unreal Engine 4, and back in May Epic Games revealed that they are working on USD support for Unreal Engine. As a demo at GDC they showed off a scene from Finding Dory running in real time in Unreal 4.



So in the future it's possible we could play KH worlds with environments ripped straight out of the movies! Obviously these would have to be changed a bit to suit gameplay and such, however the potential still has me excited :D, regardless of how far off KH4 or whatever comes next is.  

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