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Sonic's ACTUAL Top Known Speed (From The Games)

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I haven't watch that Game Theories video in quite some time now,so I don't remember all the facts he stated,but one thing that always bugged me is that he assumes that Sonic is running at his fastest speed when he's at his top speed in game,but it's never stated(as far as I know)that Sonic is actually running at his top speed during gameplay

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Man that video was such a long time ago I'm pretty sure everybody has disproven MatPat 20 times over by now. And because he's MatPat, he completely ignores everybody's counter arguments, lol. Anyway, yeah I'm pretty sure most of the fan base agrees that Sonic is at least that fast. The flaw of MatPat's videos is that he's trying to use the video games' portrayal of Sonic's speed as a literal example and definition of how Sonic's speed works, completely ignoring that Sonic's speed is handled and portrayed differently in each game. Realistically, if Sonic was going 100% in any game, he would be killing every environment and creature he came across just by running past them. Sonic literally holds himself back from going all-out in every game he's in, it's just that in some games he lets loose a bit more from time to time, and not always to the same degree. So you have either brief incidents like what you just described where he shows at least a sample or fraction of what he's truly capable of, or whole games where he's intentionally using bigger or smaller cups of his potential depending on the tasks at hand and the fun he wants to have, like Unleashed.


Another problem is that MatPat tends to mush game, show, and comic lore altogether to try and fit whatever narrative he's trying to give his hypothesis, but he's very selective in how he does this and doesn't appear to do that all the time. Like for instance he used both the games AND the Archie comics to try and find some sort of explanation about the Chaos Emeralds true nature, but in his video on Sonic's speed, he stuck purely to the games (and again, used them literally). If he was consistent and actually serious about what he was doing, he would have also used the Archie comics to analyze Sonic's speed, and as such probably would have noticed the infamous moment in the comics where he literally sprints all the way to the opposite coast of the continent, revs up, and blasts forward at full-throttle (or at least near-full-throttle) within very few seconds into Eggman's new mech of the week. Unfortunately that only served to dent the mech's shield and little else, but it served as both an example of what both Sonic and Eggman were truly capable of. But of course, in the world of MatPat everything only exists to conveniently prove his specific point only and consistency is only useful if no one calls him out for it. Yeah I'm a bit salty towards Game Theory in case that wasn't obvious.

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So, you guys know Sonic the Hedgehog, right? He's that little blue animal that runs really, really fast. Anyway, there has been a certain video about Sonic's top speed by a certain individual that makes theories about games: a Game Theorist, if you will. It was talking about how Sonic's true top speed is only around 80 m/s, and used Sonic Unleashed as the crux of that argument, stating that Unleashed is the fastest Sonic has ever been. Now, what if I told you that Sonic Unleashed was NOT the fastest Sonic has ever been?


Okay, how many of you remember the Sonic Advance games? They were pretty good GBA games, but we're not here to talk about their quality. I'm here to present Sonic's best speed feat performed throughout all of his games, and it just so happens that his best feat comes from Sonic Advance 2. Once you get all the Chaos Emeralds and beat the game with everyone, you'll access the true final boss of the game. It starts off with Vanilla, Cream's mother, being kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. Sonic finds out, proceeds to go Super, and chases Eggman down, where they fight in space.



Let's assume that the planet they were on (Mobius) has the same mass and density as Earth, and has a moon like Earth. With the positioning that Sonic and Eggman are in,as well as how Mobius is positioned, it would appear that they are fighting close to the moon. From the time it takes from Super Sonic to start moving to when he catches up with Eggman, it has taken around 7 seconds. At bare minimum, Sonic is around Massively Hypersonic + just for leaving Mobius' atmosphere in that time. For reference, the top speed of a human-made spacecraft is 201,168 m/s, and Sonic has gone faster than that. However, that's not the end of it. Remember that I had mentioned the moon, some time ago. Let's say that Sonic and Eggman are around the surface of the moon. The distance between the Earth and the moon is 238,900 miles, and Sonic had gotten there in roughly 7 seconds, like I had previously stated. This would put Sonic's top speed at 54,894,097.984 m/s. For reference, the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. This means that Sonic, at his top speed, is around 20% the speed of light. That's pretty fast, if I do say so myself.


TL;DR: Sonic's WAY faster than 80 m/s.

I hate that I have to bring this up, but he does intentionally leave out crucial evidence just so he can push a specific narrative, or at the very least encourage's people like his other writers to this. The proof is right here: http://archive.is/1f8YQ and http://archive.is/aMzSI


This is just my opinion, but does anyone else think leaving out important facts just so you can only believe what you want to believe to be true despite it clearly not being the actual truth to be a dangerous mentality? I'm not saying he is the main cause, but I get this feeling it is happening way too much especially in this day of age.

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