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Could Kingdom Hearts 3 Have New Game+?

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Hello everybody, 

I made a neat video to discuss the possibility of New Game+ in Kingdom Hearts 3!


I personally would love to have it in the series, it's always a bummer when all I get to use the ultima weapon on is like, two extra bosses; I would love to hear what you guys think!



Thank you very much   xD  

- Recusant   <3

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I am confliced about game+ I mean I like it that a game is hard but game plus is only available after you have completed the game and I intend to play it so much that my console melts which means after I am done I will be done for a long time I like it better if the hardest game setting is allready there and than I will take it. Another thing is that now that I am not going to school anymore and dont have so much free time as I once did I dont play games more than once anymore and If I do than a lot of time has passed.

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