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Fates Chance XIII

Amazing origin of Strelitzias name

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So I like etymology and I while looking stuff up today I decided to look at Strelitzias name.

I knew it was the nane for the bird of paradise but I never expected what else I found out!

Firstly, the Strelitzia gets it name from a the duchy Queen Charlotte was born in called Mecklenburg-Strelitz. 

So of course I wondered where 'Strelitz' comes from. It was borrowed from a Russian word стреле́ц -streléc- which means 'shooter, or archer'. 

And while i was looking into it further I found that word was also a title. It referred to russian soldiers in the Moscovite Guard who were once a very elite force before a lot of stuff happened and the group was disbanded. (Summarizing)

And I thought, 'Huh, interesting. A name that refers to flowers but is also a title for a soldier.'

 And when I went back to look at the original flower page i noticed, the strelitzia genus has only 5 species of flowers in it! 

The one people keep associating Strelitzia with (the bird of paradise being) being only one of them!

And it all came together...Strelitzia: one of 5 ancient soldiers. 

That interpretation just blew my mind because


she was supposed to be one of the 5 but got killed off!! 

She was supposed to be one of 5 ancient soldiers!

What do you think though? I dont know if this has been stated before, maybe this is old news but it was still cool to figure it out.

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