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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I really liked Hauer's acting, but my favourite choice (and hope) was Lance Henriksen.
  2. Every idea could work in Mirage Arena sort of. I would love also a Cyclop boss fight and the possibilty to choose the playble character (besides Sora, Riku and Aqua, also all of the guardians of light plus Xion, Roxas and Terra). Damn, there could be so many ideas that I don't realize how it possibile all we get was Dark Inferno.
  3. I only knew the flower etimology, that always fitted to me since her brother would later use the flowers as element. That's interesting as well.
  4. The game has some issues, that's for sure, but... the worst ever? Even worse than coded? Really? I guess kinda exaggerated.
  5. Final chapter, fellas, and a little surprise! Chapter 10 Aftermath "That's... okay". Sora continued to sleep undisturbed inside the crystal pod, even after being moved in a hurry to the basement of the old mansion, in Twilight Town. Naminé was looking after him, as she had promised to the real Riku. The Nobody's mind, however, was engaged in the last events: four days had passed since Riku's copy disappearance after the fight with King Shadow. Every now and then she looked around, sometimes slowly and sometimes snapping, as if she felt the presence of her friend close to her. But all the time she was always alone. The girl sighed, downcast, but kept wondering hopefully if she would ever see her friend again. The entrance door opened and the long and heavy steps of Ansem the Wise echoed in the room completely devoid of furniture. The man reached the Nobody and said: "I have also fixed Donald and Goofy. Now we just have to wait". Naminé nodded silently. Then, remembering suddenly, she began: "There is something strange in Sora's memories". "How, something strange?" "It felt like a sort of... disturbance, a tremor in the process of recovery. Now everything appears to be back in place, even though I couldn't figure out what it was". "Maybe it was just due to the movement... anyway, keep monitoring everything. If you discover something, tell me immediately". The girl nodded again without saying anything. She looked back at Sora, but was absorbed in her thoughts. At first DiZ started to leave, then asked her: "Are you still worried about Riku?" "Do you think there is any chance that he might return again?", Naminé asked in return. The scientist took a deep breath. He returned to the side of the Nobody and answered: "He has managed to emerge from the Kingdom of Darkness three times, so I do not see why not. Still..." The other turned to the man with his blue eyes disbelieving and full of surprise. "Still" Ansem continued, "it's also true that last time he was satisfied. He had accomplished his goal, so... I don't know". DiZ remained silent. His nature as a scientist made him hate having to admit that he didn’t know such a thing. "I understand..." she simply replied to the other, almost whispering. "In addition, I think it's appropriate not to say anything to the real Riku. I wouldn't want him to decide on going to look for this phantom King Shadow". "You think King Shadow is still a threat?" Naminé asked. Her face was frozen and the idea that their opponent was still alive, was terrorizing her. "No. We've seen him disintegrate, I think we'll never hear about him again," Ansem explained. "We just don't know how Riku might take it.... he may even decide to leave to make sure that he’s dead, or to investigate his purpose. I'm sorry to ask you about that, but we need Riku here with us and Sora". The Nobody remained silent at first, returning to stare at Sora on the other side of the glass. "Okay", she said. The other person bowed his head and turned to leave, but stopped once again. "Ah, I have a thing for you," continued DiZ, taking the lucky charm in the shape of a Paopu fruit from a pocket under his blue cloak. "I found it at Castle Oblivion last time I returned there to pick up my equipment. It was on the floor and I thought that maybe you'll like to keep it". The man didn't even realize he was treating the girl like a human. Naminé took the pendant and observed it in amazement, as if just the sight relieved the torment, but she could not find the strength to thank the scientist. King Shadow had woven his plots there, in a distant place, far away more than physically. The shadows enveloped every corner of that place which was empty and apparently devoid of boundaries. Only two souls stayed there, one in conflict with the other. "I hope you've finished harassing those people" said one, a young Keyblade wielder. "They didn't deserve what you did to him". The other one gave him his shoulders; he was a Master and much older, slightly hunched and with his hands joined behind his back. He laughed with his crackling voice, pleased with the work done by his avatar. "I was just testing the power of that puppet," justified the man unperturbed. "I have to choose my vessels carefully..." The boy puffed, looking tortuously at his opponent. He turned around, with his yellow amber eyes looking at the boy for the umpteenth time, then his grin unraveled and he asked: "Are you not curious to know the outcome?" DiZ had gone to prepare his stuff. The man had mentioned something about Sora's heart and the results of his research, but Naminé had not listened to him. She was not in the mood. The Nobody had therefore remained alone, again. She had hung the lucky charm in the shape of a Paopu fruit on the white wall. Every now and then she looked around, eager to see her friend reappear from nowhere, but was losing hope. She sighed, headed toward the door to go and get some air, thinking that perhaps it would do her well. She had almost left the room when she heard a faint metallic noise, like that of a swinging chain. She winced and turned around, but there was no one except her. She approached the lucky charm hanging on the wall, but due to the agitation she couldn't understand if she was standing still or if she was moving in a barely perceptible way. She looked around once again, a mixture of emotions intertwined on her face, from joy to worry and from hope to a bit of fear... but there really was no one in the room. Perhaps it was just her imaginaton. The End Bonus Report So, I hope you enjoyed this short adventure of Riku Replica. There are a couple of details that haven’t found place in the story, and I would like to share them with you. First of all, maybe you’ve noticed, but in my mind Repliku’s return happened by the form of a Lingering Will. Just like Terra in BbS, he didn’t have a body, only a vessel to contain his mind. His ghostly appearance is, of course, a creative freedom I took to tell the story. His helmet, an homage from Master Xehanort, is the same (or a very similar one) of Vanitas. Next, I made a specific timeline to fit the events of the fic with the ones of the videogames, starting from the one showed in the “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Ultimania”. In red, the events seen in Chain of Memories and Days, in blue the ones depicted in this story. DAY 49: Sora defeats Marluxia and go to sleep DAY 51: Riku defeats Riku Replica DAY 52: Riku and King Mickey leaves Castle Oblivion DAY 68: Riku Replica returns with King Shadow’s help, he meet Naminé and DiZ [chapters 1-3] DAY 70: Riku Replica meets Pete and Axel [chapters 4-6] DAY 71: Axel returns to the World that Never Was DAY 72: Roxas and Axel tails Pete in Agrabah DAY 74: Xion loses her ability to use the Keyblade DAY 75: Roxas and Xion fights Pete in Agrabah DAY 91: Riku and Mickey visits Hollow Bastion, Riku Replica and Naminé visits Twilight Town. Riku Replica defeats Pete in the Old Mansion [chapters 7-8] DAY 92: Riku Replica defeats King Shadow [chapter 9] DAY 95: DiZ and Naminé moves to Twilight Town DAY 96: Xion can use the Keyblade again, causing a disturbance in the process of recovery of Sora’s memories [chapter 10] Also, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed, but the report that Riku Replica finds out in Vexen’s lab, is the same (and the only one) written by Vexen in 358/2 Days. “The Program is largely on target. No. i, my finest Replica, has proven an even greater success than anticipated. I intend to take the other vessel - judged unfit for number status - to Castle Oblivion, where I will subject it to further testing. One thing is clear: could these Replicas not be classified as a special sort of Nobody?” Last but not least, maybe you’ve wondered why I chose the puppet with number 17 to make Riku Replica return during the final battle. Well, there are a lot of meanings for this number. In the cabala is a positive number: “1” is the number for God and “7” is the number of knowledge. If added we get an “8”, that if overturned becomes the infinite symbol. Also, the “8” in tarot represents the balance between God and men. Also, there is a negative meaning. In latin is written “XVII”, which anagrammed is “vixi”, latin for “I lived”, so… I’m dead! Plus, remember what DiZ said about a possible Riku Replica’s return, well… who knows? Maybe in Kingdom Hearts 3? I really hope so. Also, according to the timeline above, Riku Replica is defeated by Riku during Day 51, and returns on Day 68… exactly 17 days later. In order to close, the last words Riku Replica said before vanish in Naminé’s hands, are the same he said after being defeated by Riku in Re:Chain of Memories.
  6. Next time, the final chapter! Chapter 9 Accomplishment Riku opened his eyes and saw the white ceiling above him. When he returned to Castle Oblivion he collapsed out of stress. He turned on his side and sat in bed, trying to align his thoughts and get up. He yawned and wondered how much he had slept, then jumped out of bed and out of the room to look for Naminé and DiZ. He found them outside the room where Sora was sleeping, busy trading with Ansem's research and studies and closing them in boxes to move everything at dusk. "Good morning", said the Replica in a rosy voice. He cleared his throat and approached the two, asking: "Did I sleep a lot?" "You slept all afternoon yesterday and all night", answered the Nobody passing a pile of paper to the scientist, who specified: "Almost eighteen hours." It meant that Sora had been defenceless for almost a whole day. Riku didn't know what to say, he mumbled a little before formulating a sentence with complete meaning. "What can I do?" "Go over there and bring my coding device. Don't break it", Ansem said while closing a box. Naminé looked at his friend and smiled softly, as if to tell him not to notice the way the man had asked for it. The boy let go of an amused grimace and went to pick up the machinery. He found it in the same place where he had seen it for the first time. He studied it for a moment, to find the best way to move it without damaging it and then he heard a raucous and cavernous voice behind him. "You should’ve done as I told you and destroyed that thing, boy". Riku turned around and saw a dark portal opening in the middle of the room, from which came the low, humped figure of King Shadow, with a brown coat hiding him completely. "But I want to offer you one last chance: take care of it now and maybe I'll give you the body you've always longed for". "You're too late, king my hide" Riku replied, evoking his weapon. "You no longer have anything to offer that interests me. "Is that so? Well..." said the mysterious sovereign with a little complacency. "But I remind you that you are indebted to me, you copy of Riku! It's I who brought you back, now you have to obey me!" The Replica took a bewildered look at him and then positioned himself for a fight: "Yeah, can’t wait!" "I warned you, you've taken a path from which you can't go back". "And I told you that I don't care! Now stop cracking and prepare to move out!” "Poor, little copy..." commented King Shadow shaking his head. "You understand so little". After hearing the voices, Naminé and DiZ immediately headed toward the room, but an invisible wall prevented them from passing. They both put their open hands on it, as if to throw it down. "Riku! We can't get through!" "I know, I did", answered the boy. "You two stay safe". Riku snapped towards the enemy and cut the air with a series of slants, but his opponent parried them all without difficulty. The Replica jumped and settled a kick on the king's chest, causing him to move back one step, and without giving him a break the boy threw against him a Dark Firaga. The impact generated a blanket of black smoke that swallowed King Shadow, but after a few seconds a jet of darkness came out and struck Riku, trapping him and carrying him upward. The smoke was reduced and the boy, pressed against the ceiling and saw that the dark jet was actually the arm of the enemy, stretched for several meters from under the brown tunic. King Shadow turned and raised his other arm toward Sora's pod, then the darkness surrounding Riku swelled further and wrapped him completely. "RIKU!" Naminé called out. The monarch's limb extended and grasped the pod, his hand branched out and many small strands of darkness similar to small fingers agitated on the glass surface, covering it slowly. From above fell a beam of light, coming from inside the bubble that kept the Replica trapped. "Light?" asked King Shadow with curiosity. A beam of light overthrew the cocoon, cutting it in two, and Riku jumped out, returning with his feet to the ground. "Leave Sora alone!", he shouted. A violet aura covered his body and lifted him up from the ground, floating him in the air. He pointed his weapon first upward and then toward the enemy, moving as if to shoot forward but vanished leaving behind a blast of wind. He reappeared immediately after a few inches from the arm of the enemy, hitting him with the Soul Eater, and faded again. It was so fast that it seemed that he was teleporting for every attack. He continued to hit his opponent's limb until he stumbled. King Shadow cried out, but his voice seemed different. It resembled the moaning of a savage animal. The dark filaments around Sora's pod retracted until they dissolved. Riku transfered himself one last time, hitting his opponent hard. The impact was so strong that it hurled him toward the invisible wall, broke it and threw him over Naminé and DiZ, through the entire corridor, down to the stairs, where he fell down the ramp rolling disastrously. The Replica ran behind him and chased him down the stairs to the landing where he had stopped. King Shadow grabbed the boy on the fly and made that animal-like verse again, then threw him down the stairs in turn. Riku rolled to the ground floor, where he was reached by the monarch through a dark pathway. Naminé and DiZ ran after them and when they reached them, the fight was so intense that they could not intervene. King Shadow parried every shot and immediately counterattacked, but the other easily dodged every attack. The copy tried to immobilize him by grabbing one shoulder with one hand and the head with the other, and approached the point where he could see the face under the hood. The expression on Replica's face chilled, his lips flickered and his eyes opened wide, full of dismay. "What... what are you?!" asked the boy trying to detach himself, but the enemy had grabbed him with his long fingers similar to roots, which stretched over the youngster's body. The mysterious being rode his arm four or five times and then let go of the grip, throwing Riku against the wall. In a second, the Replica stretched out his arm forward and opened his hand, generating a dark portal, he jumped in and reappeared behind the sovereign, hitting him on the fly and throwing him back towards the stairs. King Shadow rolled down the steps again, crossed the landings until he reached the fourth basement. He stood up staggeringly, breathing anxiously, his voice broken from time to time by those inhumane verses. "Hey, monster!" he heard a voice. He turned around and Riku had already reached him; with one jump, he struck him with his knee on his face, hurling him in Vexen's laboratory. The boy entered with all his determination and arrogance of the past. Now, returning to the place where he had come to life was no longer intimidating him. "Do you want to finally get out or do you want to me to wipe the floor with you?" King Shadow rose slowly, with his head low. He stood up without saying anything for a few seconds, then laughed, strong enough to shake his whole body. Naminé and DiZ arrived tired of the continuous racing, just as their enemy was about to show his ace in the hole. "Do you think I am a monster, you failed copy?" proclaimed the villain when taken by breath. "Maybe it's time to remember that if I was able to bring you back, then I also have the power to make you disappear again!" King Shadow lifted his gaze and from underneath the hood he glimpsed two small red eyes glowing and shining in the shadow that concealed his face. A second later a vermilion halo wrapped Riku and lifting him off the ground. The Replica felt compressed as if someone was squeezing his body and bones. He was just a ghost, yet he felt pain. At last, with a gesture of the enemy's hand, Riku disappeared. He evaporated into many tiny luminous residues that hovered in the air, dissolving after a while. Naminé remained to observe the void in front of her in disbelief. She tried to call her friend, but her lips barely blew. DiZ took a step forward, standing between the Nobody and the adversary, who now looked at them with hostility. "Naminé, run!" Ansem ordered, but the girl was too scared to move. The being did not pronounce a word, his only worn-out breath seemed less and less human, and more and more threatening. He stretched his arm still intact towards the man and the girl and moved forward, eager to conclude the job. A noise behind him distracted him: the tinkling of some chains. King Shadow turned around, but there was no one else in the lab. He observed more clearly, some of the unused bodies of the other Replicas hanging in a barely visible way, but they were all immobile, inanimate. The sovereign did not care anymore, he returned to his two targets, who withdrew intimidated, when a tinkling metal broke again the silence that prevailed in the room. He turned again and this time a dummy turned on him, ripping off part of his brown robe. The faceless involucre stood between King Shadow and his targets. He stretched his left arm forward and bent his right back, assuming a pose which DiZ and Naminé were very familiar with. A beam of darkness made the Soul Eater materialize in the fingerless hand. "Riku!" screamed Nobody, but his friend said nothing. The enemy observed the new vessel the boy had found, against all his predictions. "Are you came back... alone?" The mouthless Replica was still silent. Only the symbol of the Nobodies was drawn on his face, but somehow King Shadow knew he was staring at him. With a roar of disapproval the monarch took off his tattered outfit and finally revealed himself in his true nature: a Heartless. A Shadow too much grown. Completely black and hunched, his abdomen rounded, his legs bent forward and his arm hanging. The head was more like a Neo Shadow, like a huge sphere with a pointed chin and two long serrated horns falling backwards. The round and yellow eyes showed a slight crimson glow at the edges and were divided by two grey bands that crossed forming an X in the centre of the face. Throughout the black body, there were purplish streaks that moved slowly to the left and right, similar to pulsating veins. On the face of the monster, there was an irregularly shaped mouth with some filaments of darkness dripping between his lips. The creature roared, his ghostly verse filled the air freezing the blood in DiZ's veins, Riku didn't blink an eye. He shot towards the enemy, but the latter knocked him off with a mighty blast. The puppet ended up against the tables in the lab, but stood up unharmed a second later. The monster jumped towards the boy, who avoided the blow by jumping backwards. With a fast move, Riku directed a Dark Firaga against the giant Shadow and launched an attack immediately afterwards. He managed to bring to light numerous lunges, one after the other, until the four knotty fingers of the enemy lengthened around him, blocking him. He was lifted up by Heartless, carrying him in front and furiously roared again, but the dummy remained impassive and took advantage of it to strangle him around his neck with his weapon. King Shadow tried to throw him away, but Riku clung well to the hilt of the sword and found himself leaning on the chest of the monstrous opponent. He tightened his grip on the Soul Eater with both hands and his artificial body was covered with a golden halo that seemed to embrace and welcome him. The light began to move, to flow through the blade into the enemy, who screamed. It wasn't an angry cry, but one of pain. The Heartless crashed to the ground groaning, while the boy continued with every ounce of himself to infuse that shiny aura into the monster. After a few seconds, Riku's appearance took shape, transparently, around the shape of the puppet. Naminé fell to the ground because of the tension, while Ansem was paralysed by astonishment: it was as if Riku was using his own light, all over. King Shadow continued screaming desperately and suffering until the last glow of light penetrated him. First his eyes and mouth, then his fingertips and finally every grain of his body began to shine and shine even brighter, until it exploded into a blinding glow. It took Naminé and DiZ a few seconds to find out what had happened: all that remained of the huge Heartless was dark grey dust, soft and sticky to the sight. In the middle of it was Riku, standing on his side, whose appearance was still transparent and lying on the fake body, but it seemed to slowly lose its colour. The Nobody stood up and ran toward her friend, sat down on him, and placed a hand under his head. She called him several times out loud, until he regained consciousness. "Hey..." the boy said weakly. In one hand he held the good luck charm, and the girl laid her hand on it. Riku continued: "I've done it”. "Yes... you stopped him! You've won!" "What kind of king... he didn't even have a crown", he commented sarcastically. The blonde girl burst into a little laugh, but at the same time her eyes became shiny. The boy smiled, but his eyelids closed by themselves. "Sorry, Nami... I promised you I would always stay with you... but I..." Emptied of all his strength, Riku could not even finish the sentence. DiZ remained at a good distance. When he understood what had happened and what would have happened to the copy, a bitter sigh slipped from his lips. "Good dear..." "It's funny", continued the Replica. "It was a real promise, but I won't be able to keep it. It's funny, yet I'm sad..." "Riku, what are you saying?", asked Naminé, making her face gloomy. "Riku?!" "At least I was able to save Sora... but I can’t... do it anymore". The Nobody remained silent and too shaken to add anything other than wheeze or hiccups. Finally Riku passed his plastic hand over his friend's cheek and opened his eyes to look at her one last time. The smile widened, was serene and satisfying. "That’s... okay", he said with his last breath. The reflection of his appearance, his soul, fade out completely and vanished. His arm was lifted up from the girl's cheek, unnaturally, like the heads of the other puppets still hanging from the ceiling behind them. They seemed to be praying in dignified silence to their older brother, who had left, leaving behind only the empty puppet with the number XVII written at the base of his neck. That, and the Paopu fruit pendant in Naminé’s hands.
  7. We're getting close to the big finale! Chapter 8 Redemption In the end, I will disappear again. Why here, like this? Why in this way? I haven’t been able to accomplish anything in my life. Life, existence ... sometimes I think of these words to grasp its full meaning and other times for nothing. But it is in my nature: I was born in the shadows, from the darkness of someone else. They filled my heart with lies and false memories, I tried in every way to become something else that wasn’t a simple imitation with a destiny already written, but ... I have disappeared once, and probably this time nothing will remain of me, as was expected. I would have been satisfied with so little, but instead nothing ever belonged to me, everything was denied from me. Or almost: Sora granted me pity. He knew I was just a fake but he tried to help me as a good friend would. He wanted to give me a chance but I refused. Even then, I didn't compromise: everything or nothing. Only now I realized at the end that I made a mistake, only now do I see every single mistake I ever made. And I realize that life as a whole is a compromise. Without anyone asking, come to the light. From that moment on you will meet people who will demand something from you, for some you will be just a means or an advantage to achieve something, you will receive the weight of expectations and you will have to drag yourself behind all your demerits, and there will be very few good people who instead remember what you did right in that small amount of time allowed. It's a burden when you think about it, but at least it's everything... true. I can't hope for all this because... ‘cause someone has decided that I can't do it. Where is the reasoning behind this? And even when I thought I could make up for it by finding a purpose that was only mine, it was worth nothing. That feeling, the awareness of no longer being able to fail and bring something to accomplishment... made me feel better. I just fooled myself. But not him. Riku, the real one, has succeeded and has done much more. Once my creator called him 'the hero of darkness'. Ironically, on that occasion Riku accepted darkness in his heart, but at the same time prevailed over it. He succeeded in redeeming himself of the errors made in the past. He had a second chance, everyone should have one. Why not me? Why can't I have a real one? It would have been useless, but knowing that this time I will disappear forever, I… I… I heard a voice in the darkness calling me. "Riku?!" Who are you? I'm not... "RIKU!" This voice... Naminé? In pitch darkness, I can see a small glimmer of light opening up far away. The light is moving quickly and in a few seconds it will reach and envelope me. I'm feeling the warmth of the light, I can feel it.... it’s real. Riku opened his eyes and saw Naminé bending over him, his gaze full of fear. With one hand she held his hand, holding the Paopu fruit lucky charm. "You're back" exclaimed the Nobody in a incredulous and relieved tone. "Am I back?" asked the boy, as surprised as his friend. "Of course... I've heard your voice”. Naminé hugged him. "I'm so happy!" she said smilingly. "Thank you for guiding me", replied the copy in exchange for the embrace. He passed his left hand through the straw-colored hair of Nobody and with his right hand tightened his grip on the lucky charm. "I will never abandon you. I promise Nami, this time for real". The girl caressed Riku's cheek, her eyes became shiny. "Hey..." Pete wasn't far away, with his mouth left wide open. "HEY HEY HEY! How dare you to snatch my victory comin’ back so suddenly?” Riku swapped one last look with Naminé, then got up with an annoyed look. "What happened to your face? Are you sure you're okay?" asked the feline again, seeing his opponent better. The copy took only one step, placing itself before the Nobody. He put the lucky charm in his pocket and tightened his grip on the Soul Eater’s hilt, but remained standing without putting on guard, staring at the enemy with a grim expression and nothing else. "All right, boy! You want to be tough? I’ll make you settle down right away!" Pete took a handful of small red and blue bombs from his pockets and threw them all at the two boys. Without blinking an eyelid, Replica unleashed a dark aura around his artificial body, which sent the explosives back to the sender. The big cat managed to defend himself by making a big spherical barrier appear around him just in time. "I told ya I was well equipped", Pietro exclaimed boldly, but Riku continued to ignore him. He opened his left hand and threw a purplish fireball at his opponent. The barrier blocked again the attack, but taking advantage of the smoke caused by the blow, the boy snapped forward and struck the barrier with his sword, throwing the barrier away together with its guarded against the table in the middle of the room, breaking it in two. Pete got up, stunned for being treated like a ball. He staggered around for a couple of metres before being able to stop and put his thoughts back in order; he saw that the enemy was observing him with absolute disregard. Realizing he couldn't win, the cat began to tremble with anger. "I should have continued carryin’ out the task that Malefica had entrusted to me", he whispered to himself. Then, regaining control, he looked up at the ceiling and began to shout, waving, "Hey, King Shadow! I know you're listenin’! I quit, and never dare to show you again!" "What? King Shadow?" Riku asked, surprised. “Do you know him?” "Humpf, you're lucky that I got tired of playin’ with you and with your unsettling, stupid helmet, kiddo!" answered Pete with his usual haughtiness. With an abrupt gesture of his arm he opened a dark pathway, turned around and entered it with a heavy step. The copy didn't follow him, he stared at him as he left the scene. Once the portal was closed, Naminé approached her friend, resting her slender hand on one shoulder. A second later, Riku waved, as if he lacked strength. The Nobody grasped him promptly under his arms, helping him to stand up. "Riku! Are you all right?" "I don't know... I feel strange. Weak". "You’ve raised back a second time. It's normal that you are feeling tired, your mind is proven. We must return to the Castle and let you rest". "You're right... let's go". Supporting the boy, Naminé headed for the door. The two stopped to pick up the helmet, then pass through the atrium and went out into the alley, and finally arrived at the dark corridor they had used shortly before to get there, still open. They entered and, as they went on, the blonde girl said, "If it weren't for that Pete..." "No, it was better that way", Riku said. "Now we know that King Shadow is reorganizing to attack again. We absolutely have to move Sora... and I will give to King Shadow what he deserves!"
  8. Actually, I don't think Demyx and Vexen/Even to be seekers of darkness. They both wear black coats, but could it be 'cause they turned back as humans, so they need it to travel through corridor of darkness, just like Mickey and Riku in KH2.
  9. I guess we'll have 100 Acre Wood again, but I hope in another Disney world too. So far, we have 7 Disney world and... well, I expect more worlds.
  10. I love Christopher Lloyd, but I can't imagine him as Master Xehanort. Englund could be good... but my favourite choise is Lance Henriksen.
  11. Oh my flipping dear. That's was great! I need this game, kinda, now. I was expecting this since I finished KH2 and now there are only four months left. I can do it...
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