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  1. that's sadly the world we live in where people can't separate people from their work, hence making these kinds of really PR stunts necessary, not even for fear of being seen badly really, but because it will more than surely spark outrage for whatever reason. which is really sad and stupid, even more when we consider what seems to be the "issue" here. oh well.
  2. KH 1 back in the days, funny how i so vividly remember how a friend of mine lent it to me back then after showing me the simple and clean opening much to my surprise. I was laughting out loud when i saw the beginning and was like "i have to see how far this stupdity of an idea will go" i was just a fool...little did i know ;)
  3. oh nice bringing that up indeed i had forgotten about this one,
  4. definitely yes, i do believe so myself, whatever's in that box will play a role in him returning
  5. indeed, good point there, it does say the lost masters will awaken, so it could be that, or something of sort,
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