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Final Boss - What do the symbols/Glyphs represent *Spoilers*

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Throughout the final boss fights (from the time you reach Scala ad Caelum on) there are various magic circles that appear, first in the sky, and at least four that overlap beneath Soras feet at the top of the tower. There are glyphs, and I can't understand what these glyphs represent. Theres a pattern to them, one of which definitely represents the 13, but others I can NOT figure out. Even most of the 13 I can't really make out the shapes. One glyph looks like a funky anchor. maybe glyphs representing the different worlds?

does anyone know what these are? Do they appear through the games? Do you know if there are posts with clearer renderings of these Symbols/Glyphs? I want to make wallpapers with these circles.

Circle Sample 01.jpg

Circle Sample 02.jpg

Circle Sample 03.jpg

Circle Sample 04.jpg

Circle Sample 05.jpg



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First of all, I think it's too soon to have renders of these arts just yet. Lots of datamining might be neccessary for this to happen.


Now on to the topic. These glyphs are brand new and it's quite hard to try and make sense out of them. The only time we had glyphs like these were in KH1 with the Trinity Limit Special Move, where a glyph appeared below of Sora's feet.

My guess is that they're like conjuring glyphs for magic actions, nothing too plotwise.

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Ya, I agree that a lot of the glyphs are just random/generic glyphs/runes used in the standard RPG/Anime magic circle. But Im certain that a third of them resemble the characters or places. Even the symbols from the chess pieces can be found on the circles.

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