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The remaster.

The original LADX takes place during the fallen hero timeline

Why is his hat entirly green and not green and yellow

That bugs me

Oh wait i forget the three timelines have been merged back into one with breath of the wild....oh nintendo you're funny ah

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When Nintendo goes through the effort of establishing a timeline for the Zelda games and make a huge stink of Skyward Sword being the origin of the series only to then merge the timelines together and make the concept pointless going forward

Nintendo: "I'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move"

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Nintendo out-Nomura'd everything

I know this isnt the canonical explenation, but im going down the JoJo route and saying that the entire zelda universe was reset, causing the three timelines to merge back into one

Also I just realized i possibly spoiled part 6, whoops.

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