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My one is HAC 007

New model is HAC 001(01)

Its speculated to be handheld and console


I was expecting a joke from you laughsinnomura

Nah it's cool I just that that's what the smirk emoji was for

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And offers 35 euro eshop code if you get it for 329 which is the actual retail price

It's not really a bundle, it's more buy switch for 375 and get 35 euro shop voucher and a game

Which honestly is pretty good

Smyths has 30 euro off the base switch console

And offers 35 euro eshop code if you get it for 329 which is the actual retail price

Bloody auto correct

Fk 450 dollars

Is that including VAT?

If I visit America that will annoy me

The fact they don't calculate VAT before the till

Yeah tax

Value added tax

I hope so 450 is a lot dang

Ohhh I see

Zelda package is like 100

At least it was 100 in the euro

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Probably translates to that in euros

If you were going from dollars. Yeah I was so pissed

I will give it to my dad that he tried to repair it but he didnt do a great job because the glue was very visible. But they also didnt understand the value of having video game collectibles

So they honestly didnt care

I'm too grown up for it apparently pain

It's hard to stop scalpers though if gamestop and other places let ppl buy loads of them at a time though as well

It's only really the pricey limited editions they dont let them buy more of

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Yeah amiibo have died down now

But I still need Dark Samus and Daisy

She's still available

Thank god

Oh snap I need Joker too

Apparently they want to release the old versions

But updated

So Bayonetta could get rereleased

I hope

I think she got a second release yeah but the ones they plan to bring out aren't till after they bring out the new characters

I'm glad it is because I didnt get the other splatoon amiibo

I wanted Callie and Marie but I did not expect them to go up in price so much

So I put it off too long

Should've went for them before they shot up

I didnt really buy amiibo till last year see

I have the octolings and off the hook as well as Ridley, k roll, young link, piranha, mario from odyssey, inkling, samus from samus returns(which btw is my favourite samus amiibo), and that's it?

I was thinking of going after the metroid amiibo but I don't see the point. Idk it probably has shot up in price

Now I want it soracry

I love Samus the most and the off the hook ones

Because the splatoon 2 amiibo last year were freaking awesome

Like they look really well made

And the octolings details are whenthedarknessisjustright

Bayonettas amiibo doesnt look to great tbh

I want to see the revision

I mean I haven't but I'm not too sure. I still want her though

The price increase is a bit weird but I honestly think the quality has improved. SO glad they are looking for ways to get past the dumb stand features for characters that are in the air or doing unique poses

They just looked awful on some of the first amiibo

I like Bayo 1 Bayonettas amiibo the most

Yeah and I love the stand for the ice climbers and ridley

It works with the characters and gives them something stand on

Rather the just a random coloured stick jutting out of them

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This is my amiibo collection so far


I know it took a lot of bargaining

Oh yeah hes been out since february

I need to snatch up daisy soon and also the new link when I can

I do like the Simon amiibo design but idk

The champion amiibo set was ridiculous

50 euro

No way


I wanted only urbosa

But I was too late for the single sets

I don't think Ireland and UK even got the single sets

Idk that went under the radar for me

So all I had was the four pack

But I just cant, I was already getting the octolings because I actually like them all and Splatoon hype was big for me then

Oh no not for me. Octo Expansion was the biggest hype I had for a game all that year

I haven't beaten samus returns. Idk I didnt like it too much. I like the amiibos

Yeah xD

I do love the devs for spaltoon

Oh I'm not surprised

I cant remember though


Oh yes I love the spaltoon devs. They never let a good pun go by.

Yeah it should have. Splatoon 2 definitely needed a lot more at launch but honestly the devs put so much effort and over into the game over the course of its lifetime that I was happy enough

And I never had a Wii u so 2 was my intro to Splatoon

And tbh even what they had a launch was great. I still loved it and I liked waiting for the next big update because they always delivered

Did they ever save the e litre

Because it got nerfed to help when 2 came around

It broke a lot of the competitive teams

Because chargers were so big in splat 1's competitive scene

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It just became such a meme for the fanbase

Because so many of them knew how op the e litre was that they couldn't get used to anything else

And 2 made it less viable. The gold gun? The aerospray?

It's still there yeah

Not as good though

Yeah theres a gold aerospray still in the game unless it is bronze and it just looked gold in my memory

I haven't played in a long time

Jesus remember the terror that was. Lvl 30?

Think it becomes available at lvl 30

Sorry mixed two sentences there

I was about to discuss the terror that was the tri slosher

Splat 2 base game tri slosher was the meme of the fandom for 4 months

Because it was the most unbalanced thing in the game

Oh love the dualies

The dapples are really fun

I think they have a better sub now

Not sure

I know which ones you are on about but I cant remember the name.

I cant get used to rollers

But I hate fighting them

I was an octobrush main for the first 2 months

And rollers were my kryptonite

Oh didnt know that

I became really good with a spalt charger at some point

Love looking through my old clips

They became pretty good only recently I rhink

There was a long period where tentas weren't too great

Baller was a beast at one point

Ah but Kraken is just broke

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Problem with baller was it was hard to break it, Kraken was just invincible

You needed at least 2 or 3 ppl focusing on it to break it

Sure but it's understandable why they never brought it back

Yeah and I like that they did because as good and fun as they were, they weren't balanced enough. Plus new specials spice things up

They brought back piranha pit :L

I hate piranha pit

No it is a clusterfk and I hate it

Tower control especially

The route the tower has to go through is so dumb omg

Not as bad as the skate park I guess

Where the tower used to go right in front of the enemy spawn

Marly doesnt like tower control just so everybody knows seasalt_shinji

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Gonna add my name to the friend list thing goody has if you want to add meh

And done

Gotta to change my psn name. Silenthonour101 lol. The Yugioh is strong in this one

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