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@MeowWow so basically, the global pull pool got merged with the jp pull pool a little while ago. this means that medals that are normal for jp but were vip or event for us (like that ht sora) can now be pulled normally. not all vip or event medals, but a few
unfortunately, that also means we lost some medals. you can't get any of the hd form medals anymore (hd valor, hd wisdom, hd antiform, etc.), hercules b, or scar, and that sucks
(hd wisdom form is still there, though)

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enemy level is how much money you need to spend to be strong enough

it's mostly about having the right buffs and debuffs and tanking through multiple turns

I just ignore any quest i can't just brute force, not worth the hassle

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I see. But yeah, this is why I just can't get into or play KHUX. I am not a fan of games with microtransactions and lootboxes in them to the point where it's too heavily luck based on weather you beat an enemy or not. In this case with KHUX, I wish that you could beat bosses with pure skill rather than rely on what kind of medals you get. I really hope someday KHUX gets a full console remake with KH1/KH2/KH3's gameplay style. That would be awesome.

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