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The Damage Control Theory - A Parody of KH3's Sleeping Realm Theory

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Hi all. A while back I made a parody of the Sleeping Realm theory (a KH3 theory-crafting document that gathered a lot of interest in the Kingdom Hearts community). I never got round to finishing it, but with some prodding I concluded it yesterday. This is the result.


This parody is not intended to criticise either the makers of the Sleeping Realm Theory, the document, or Kingdom Hearts 3 itself. The Sleeping Realm theory clearly had a lot of love and dedication put into it, and I in no way want to insult the creators for their impressive feat. I also realise this parody comes across as very negative, but rest assured not all statements in it reflect my own thoughts and feelings about KH3 or the source material. Much of this is meant to poke fun at negativity (Like the "13 years" meme), or simply about the fanbase itself - but no harm or hard feelings are intended.

Another thing to note is this was developed with the KH13 Discord in mind, and as such contains quite a few in-jokes from there. Also, I don't claim to be a good parody writer, and in fact haven't done something like this before, so I won't pretend this is top quality material.

This parody contains strong language, be warned.


With all that in mind, here it is. 

The Damage Control Theory V2.pdf

And the link to the original theory: 


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On 4/17/2019 at 8:59 AM, 2 quid is good said:

I had a smile on my face throughout the whole thing, definitely very much leaning-on-the-wall humour.
Also "who wanted Winnie the Pooh back?"


Thank you for the attack 😐


I certainly didn't want Pooh back. 

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