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Okay, I dunno if this has been posted and Im sure many already have thought something like this, but I still just wanted to share my thoughts on the future of the KH series

Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 has finished the Dark Seeker saga and the story of Xehanort comes to a close, many fans are pondering the new tale that Nomura began in DDD and has built up in the background through Re:Coded and mainly KHUX and X Back Cover, the tale of the Foretellers. Amongst the biggest mysteries of this new arc is the Mysterious Black Box that Luxu's been lugging around. I have a crazy theory on what might be inside the box, but first, let's get an aerial view of the Foretellers and their place in the story.

There are 7 major characters involved in the Age of Fairytales: The 5 Union leading Foretellers Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi and Ira, a 6th Foreteller named Luxu who wears the Black Coat, and The Foretellers' superior, the Master of Masters.

All of the Foretellers have name schemes based on the Latin names of the **Seven Deadly Sins**, which loosely represent their behaviour during X Back Cover:

  • Aced - Acedia - Sloth
  • Ava - Avarice - Greed
  • Gula - Gula - Gluttony
  • Invi - Invidia - Envy
  • Ira - Ira - Wrath
  • Luxu - Luxuria - Lust

If you noticed, there is a deadly sin not represented amongst the foretellers. It is

  • Superbia - Pride

Many people have wondered why this sin was left out in particular. Some have argued that "Superbia" is in fact the name of the Master of Masters. However these names are entirely specific, to our knowledge, to the Foretellers, and while he is clearly connected to them, the MoM is never referred to as a Foreteller. What is the Master of Masters in relation to the Foretellers?
Well, he certainly has a Keyblade, the First and most Ancient Keyblade in fact according to Young Xehanort from the Re:Coded secret ending. No Name (which actually had no name) was the first Keyblade, made in the image of the original χ-Blade, something the MoM must have possessed and been able to wield. Nomura stated in an interview that the original Keyblades were "forged" by being drawn from the Hearts of the Wielders. No Name curiously shares the same pattern, keychain style, animal motif (confusedly thought to be a goat, but actually a lion according to Nomura) and design as the other Foretellers' key blades (aside from Luxu's original, assuming he even had one), aside from his own demonic eye having been infused into the blade. Interestingly in the Prologue of KH3 where we get the teaser for Xehanort and Eraqus' next chess game, the 7th Foreteller Black Piece is NOT a lion head like No Name's symbol, but a winged heart, the Master of Master's symbol. This begs the question: How and Why did the MoM make the first keyblade? If he already had the χ-Blade, a weapon of incredible power, why would he need to create an inferior weapon? Perhaps it was *meant for someone else*? Perhaps it was *made from the heart of someone else*?

Now it is time to jump back to the Black Box that Luxu is lugging around. What do we know about this box?

  1. Maleficent believes the box contains "Hope".
  2. The MoM has instructed Luxu to NEVER open the box.
  3. Upon being told what is inside, Luxu is visibly shocked and asks "But why!?"
  4. The box has a Heart symbol on the lid with 13 outer spikes and 7 inner spikes
  5. The Heart on the box is inscribed with the word "χSuper"
  6. Its a pretty big box

Wait, what was that last thing?

The Heart on the box is inscribed with the word "χSuper"



This is extreeEEemely interesting given "Super" would be a shortening of the 7th deadly sin, Superbia! But wait! Why the "χ" at the beginning? That seems a little artificial and out of place on a name. What's the deal?

Remember from the finale of DDD that while χ is "Chi", it is also the Recusant's Sigil, a seemingly magical sigil that allows one to track another through eternity.

Remember also that in X Back Cover, the main point of conflict between the Foretellers is that there is a "Traitor" amongst them according to the Book of Prophecy, a point of contention that eventually leads to the collapse of the Unions and the Keyblade War. One of the prerequisites for the Traitor according to the BoP is that they "did not follow the role the Master gave them", but this is quite strange, as when you look closely, not a single one of the Foretellers ever actually broke with the role the MoM gave them:

  1. Ira was told to be the Leader of the Foretellers
  2. Aced was told to be the right hand of Ira, but to overthrow him and take command if he felt Ira was less suitable
  3. Ava began the Dandelions 
  4. Invi was told to observe the other foretellers and she did
  5. Gula was given the lost page and told to hunt the traitor. He didn't succeed but he did carry it out
  6. Luxu successfully passed down No Name/Gazing Eye through the eras and reclaimed it after Xehanort's defeat

So which one of them was the traitor? 

None of them were.

The second prerequisite of the traitor is that they "bear the sigil", meaning the Recusant's Sigil χ. This immediately points towards Luxu but I was skeptical and saw this as a Red Herring from the beginning. It's simply too obvious, too easy, and the "x" could pass for just a natural part of Luxu's name. We know of another name within the age of Fairytales that bluntly, blatantly and without any shadow of a doubt carries the Recusant's Sigil: χSuper.

Super is not the name of the Master of Masters. Super is the name of the MoM's first pupil, the 7th Foreteller of Pride, who was sealed away inside the Black Box, and No Name was made from them. It makes perfect sense. How, of course, can someone be expected to fulfil their role as Foreteller when they are locked in a box!? Of course the Foretellers never mention Super, but that could just be narrative curtaining. There is also the matter of why they were sealed inside the Box, to which I can only point to their namesake, Pride. Pride is a sin that is deadly because of the cruel self-importance and ambition it generates, tearing down anything that gets in the way. I think Super may have tried to do what Aced turned up to 11, they tried to Overthrow the Master of Masters. Super is quite literally The Traitor - they rebelled against the Master of Masters, perhaps because they disagreed with his leadership or master plan, they wanted to stop the Keyblade War, or simply because they believed that they belonged at the Top. They were (presumably) defeated and the MoM had them marked with the Recusant's Sigil and sealed within the Black Box.  

Going full tinfoil here, this hypothetical "Sealing Away" of Super may be why the MoM "Faded" and appeared in Shibuya, similar to how Sora "Faded" due to abusing the Power of Waking to bring Kairi back. The MoM may have "abused" The Power of Waking in a different way in order to defeat Super and seal them within the box.


Anyway, that's my theory on the 7th foreteller. This obviously raises questions on the MoM's motives, as it would imply he intended for the Traitor to never be caught and the Keyblade War to happen, as well as telling Luxu that the box may "NEVER EVER be opened" despite other characters describing it's contents as "Hope". On a personal note his theme music (still unreleased or un-ripped damnit!) that plays during the second case of Luxu is clearly quite evil sounding, and he has giant evil demon eyes so maybe he ain't as neutral as we all thought he was.


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As Ursalink said, The MoM is the seventh member, representing the sin of Pride, and most speculate his name is Superbia, which is the latin name.  And we all know Nomura loves latin.  Also, Ava isn't Avarice, it's Avaritia, which is the latin name for Greed.  I've done a lot of research regarding the sins and their latin names, as I'm working on an RPG dealing with them.

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10 hours ago, Ursalink said:

The Master of Masters clearly said to Luxu "You six and me, make seven". The Master of Masters IS the Seventh member of this group, so his name must be related to "Superbia". 

I agree to this but, Nomura is not one to shy away from going back on what he’s said. There could very well be another mysterious member added down the line.

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It's highly unlikely though.  Especially when you look at the chessboard at the end of the epilogue, showing most of the foretellers, the MoM, and potentially Maleficent (though some say it's Ava)

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1 hour ago, Azure Flame said:

It's highly unlikely though.  Especially when you look at the chessboard at the end of the epilogue, showing most of the foretellers, the MoM, and potentially Maleficent (though some say it's Ava)

Nomura was asked in an interview if all six of the Master of Master's apprentices were present as dark pieces on the chessboard, and Nomura replied, "Yes."  When asked who the seventh was, Nomura said that we can guess, but it's a surprise.  So, unless Nomura goes back on what he said, we know that six of the seven dark pieces on the chessboard are all six of the Master of Masters' apprentices.  People have been saying that the heart-shaped dark piece is the Master of Masters, but according to Nomura, it's a surprise who that piece is, so we don't know for sure that it is the Master of Masters yet.  So, if anything, it will be the Master of Masters who isn't present on the side of the darknesses, or at least he might not be one of the seven darknesses on the chessboard.  He still may be on the side of the darknesses.  He just may not be one of the darknesses actively participating in the battle.

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Well, seeing as the symbol is the same as the one on the Book of Prophecies, which he wrote, there's a very good chance it is the MoM.  As for the interview, I didn't know about that.

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3 hours ago, Azure Flame said:

It's highly unlikely though.  Especially when you look at the chessboard at the end of the epilogue, showing most of the foretellers, the MoM, and potentially Maleficent (though some say it's Ava)

Actually, I have the suspiction that Ava will join the Lights, and someone else will take Ava's role. You know, it could be like when Xehanort divided Ventus into himself and Vanitas. 

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