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Officially Announcing March Caprice 2.0 - A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts

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Following the success of March Caprice 2021, we are thrilled to officially announce March Caprice 2.0! For those unaware, this event is a digital gathering of Kingdom Hearts fans worldwide to show support for each other's projects, talents, and passions for the series!

Further, alongside building upon the foundations of what made the first March Caprice event so successful, March Caprice 2.0 will also be serving as a celebration of the Kingdom Hearts' franchise's 20th anniversary! 

Additionally, just like the first event, participants can showcase various content, including video streams, speedruns, video essays, podcasts, artwork, and music. Those who rely on in-person gatherings such as conventions can take advantage of this ambitious digital event's opportunities. Ultimately, we want to provide this virtual gathering as an opportunity to have the community come together to celebrate each other and our work, to enjoy each others' company, and to celebrate the anniversary of the beloved Kingdom Hearts series.

March Carpice 2.0 is being organized by the following community members:

Intrigued, prospective participants can now sign up for March Caprice via its official website. Lastly, the event will be taking place on March 26th, 2022! More details on this upcoming gathering will be shared the closer it arrives from the official March Caprice Twitter account. The event will be livestreamed and will include merchandise and an Artist's Alley. 

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a content creator, mark the date and spread the word! Bring your friends and join in this incredible collaboration of the community to celebrate the Kingdom Hearts series! 

You can view the announcement trailer for March Caprice 2.0 below:

If you want an idea of how the last event went, you can read our reflection piece

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14 hours ago, ocean's rage said:

i dont follow 

It's an event celebrating Kingdom Hearts through celebrating fans' various ways of expressing their love for the franchise in forms of videos, music, artwork, writing, cosplaying, and more. Or so I understand it.

Edited by JTD95

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