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Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Android Closed Beta Test schedule announced; closed beta test to start April 25, 2024

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Both the Japanese and Global accounts on X for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link have announced that closed beta testing for Android devices will take place from April 25th through May 2nd. Players selected for the Android closed beta test will be notified through email around April 19th

You can view the full announcement below


We are pleased to announce the KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link closed beta test schedule for Android!

CBT Schedule

4/25 (Thu.) 07:00 AM UTC ~ 5/2 (Thu.) 08:59 AM UTC

Players selected for the CBT will be notified by email around 4/19 (Fri.) UTC.

Thank you for your support!

Previously Square Enix had announced that the Android closed beta test, originally scheduled to take place in January 2024, would instead  be delayed into Spring 2024, due to the need for further adjustments to be made to ensure the game ran comfortably on a wide range of devices. 

The iOS closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link was previously held in November of 2023. KH13's very own Kimpchuu shared his impressions of the closed beta test which you can view here

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Posted (edited)
On 3/29/2024 at 4:21 PM, Inçendyne said:

I imagine this applies to the Americas as well. It's interesting how the sign up LINK is MISSING from the tweet.

  • Residents of United Kingdom or Australia

So not even Europe, just 2 islands 🤡 what is going on with this game?

Edited by Joshuffle

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