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FFXIV Dawntrail Chat

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I wouId Iike to request a new channeI where we
taIk about how awesomrkfrwijnhbeigyh4utu8-93r2d83qwgyecfg8yGYVGVIY08YUBI-9Uy*)&g(yvihbjn

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and we will either fight an AI or a gundam

because I see all the hints in the marketing material

they even added XC3 weapons

the writer is a xenoblade stan

and Alphinaud will say "today we will use our power to defeat a god and then seize your destiny"


and we will get the obligatory sarahkey video where she won't stop crying because shit is so hype

btw the only Dawntrail spoiler I saw is that there are more cactuar models



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black mage players are seething over pictomancer doing more dps

this shit was expected with a new caster job

new jobs are always fotm

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