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J. Severe

KH3D *S* Nomura Interview in Special Famitsu Issue

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Just so you know, the "*S*" stands for "Spoiler."


Anyway, you know that recently released issue of the Famitsu magazine on March 29, the same day KH3D came out? Well, as it turns out, a special editon of that issue also came out, with bonus content, including an exclusive interview with Tetsuya Nomura, which wasn't included in the regular issue because, I'm assuming, they wanted to avoid spoilers for the Average Joe who would pick up the magazine and likely not have played the game yet.


Thanks to Andriasang.com and Kingdom Hearts Insider, we now have a translated version of the interview below for you to read to your heart's content:


-- Yo, Nomura!


Nomura: What up, my homie?


-- So, Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] is out now, and everybody is digging it. What was your favorite part of making it?


Nomura: I must say that my favorite part was bossing everyone around. (laughs)


--Pretty funny.


Nomura: No really, I'm serious. I have sovereign rule over this series. Everything has to be done exactly the way I want it. For example, if someone is animating a character's mouth movements on, I will, as the Americans say, "kick their ass" and make sure that it is done EXACTLY as I prefer.


--Are you serious?


Nomura: I am dead serious.




Nomura: Problem?


--No of course not. Ahem. So, as players who have completed the game know, there is quite an interesting ending.


Nomura: Yes. Yes, there is.


--Can you explain to us how to came to come up with the idea of that ending?


Nomura: Well, I was thinking up ideas for what it should be about, after saying in an interview that the ending would be shocking. Then I thought, "Hey, everyone's probably thinking that Sora will win the Mark of Mastery exam because he's so good and awesome, and Riku will lose because of his connection to darkness, like Terra did in Birth by Sleep." So I reversed that - Riku has to save Sora's rear end after he comes in contact with darkness.


--How will this affect future installments in the series?


Nomura: Sora will no longer think of himself as some big shot who can do whatever he wants because he's so epic. He'll realize he's an ordinary fellow just like you and I, and even he will wonder if he can further confront Master Xehanort or even resist darkness. Much character development will be created.


--I would assume then, that by the end of KH3, Sora will come to grips with himself and gather up the courage to kill Xehanort?


Nomura: Yes, you have guessed correctly. (wry smile)


--Why are you smiling wryly?


Nomura: No reason. It's not like I'm... hiding something from you. (laughs)


--You're scaring me.


Nomura: Be afraid. VERY afraid.


--Regarding the secret ending - Kairi is summoned. Will she take the Mark of Mastery exam?


Nomura: Yes. She may very well became a Keyblade Master before Sora. (laughs)


--Why the sudden urge to give her an actual important role in the series other than her being the damsel-in-distress?


Nomura: Well, I noticed that most of the fanbase was conflicted on whether they wanted Kairi to take up a Keyblade and go beat up stuff with Sora and Riku. Being the person I am, I must do the opposite of what fans expect, which means turning Kairi from just an ordinary Princess of Heart to basically Aqua, Jr.


--So then, Kairi, being a Princess of Heart, is meant to be protected - however, that will be harder if she's out in the open, fighting, correct?


Nomura: Are you doubting Kairi's ability to actually protect herself? Are you saying that some knight in shining armor must always hold her hand and make sure the bad guy doesn't catch her? What is wrong with you?


--I didn't mean, uh... Let's change the subject. Lea. He is a Keyblade Wielder?


Nomura: You played the game, right? Didn't you see the cutscene?




Nomura: Ha ha. Just kidding with you. (laughs) Yes, I was getting tired of him using those ugly chakrams so I decided to give him a big key too. (laughs)


--As you previously noted, the original secret ending for the game had been rejected by Disney. Can you explain what was in that ending?


Nomura: Sorry, but there will likely be children reading this interview.


--Can you tell me in private?


Nomura: I could, but then I'd have to kill you.


--How soon is Kingdom Hearts III to starting production?


Nomura: Not any closer than you were 6 years ago. (laughs) Final Fantasy Versus XIII is like the new Duke Nukem Forever, even moreso. Our grandchildren will be in their old ages and the game will still be in its early stages of development.


--By then, you'd probably be too old to make KH3, right?


Nomura: Yes, this is why, when I have a son, I will teach him the way of the Nomura. He will be a greater troll than even I am.


--Many fans have asked - is there an HD remaster of any of the past Kingdom Hearts games in the making?


Nomura: I have tossed around the idea - right now, our teams are working on Final Fantasy X HD, so if there is, it might not make it out in celebration of the series' 10th anniversary, as righteous as that might be. I am contemplating putting it exclusively on Xbox 360, which no one would expect.


--But we Japanese people hate the Xbox.


Nomura; I know. However, Microsoft has paid Square Enix much money to make products for their systems. A Kingdom Hearts HD Collection for the 360 would surely improve sales.


--All for making money, huh?


Nomura: Well, it keeps sushi on the table. (laughs; coughs, collapses)




Nomura: (wheezes; faints)


Nomura had to be rushed to the hospital after this, where he is now slowly recovering.


--Nomura-san, while we do not wish to bother you while you are in this state, we would like to conclude our interview we were having before this unfortunate incident. Anything you would like to end on.


Nomura: Yes. Because of this, Kingdom Hearts III is now even more delayed. TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!



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