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  1. Happy one year on kh13, Xirog!

  2. Just take a look at Cloud's story. All that has happened to him...You know, perhaps meeting Sora even made him a little better?
  3. My first name became Goof, and my last name became Bribery.Goof Bribery... hmmm...
  4. I honestly think this is stupid. Looks like a bunch of Da Vinci Code monks mixed with Assassins Creed if you ask me, i... just don't get it.
  5. I can't decide which i like more, SoC or KH2, but count me in!Shadow was one of the first games i've ever played, i will never forget it
  6. Birth by Sleep and Persona 3, can't decide which i like more
  7. Hardest language? You should try going to Brazil, Japan, China, London sometime...
  8. 2nd Edit: Well, think about Tomb Raider. They made Lara Croft a sex icon.Now think about the main character in Assassins Creed 3: Liberation, they had some common sense and made her a NORMAL woman.
  9. I think he will, Sora's a preety tough-hearted mofo, he surely ''learned'' it in a way he doesn't need Ventus's heart anymore.
  10. The Axel being Riku's nobody, oh, i always used to laugh at that one, never seen Namine one tough, wtf. And, Luxord being MF from BBS, good ol' times
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