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  1. ehh why must it be so annoying to reject someone.. especially when someone is actually your good friend and you only want to be friend..

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    2. Caity


      It'd be nice if people didn't think being nice and friendly to someone entitled them with a "Getting laid tonight" ticket.

    3. Cyber Shaman

      Cyber Shaman

      ^Yeah that only works on tv lol.

    4. MyDixieRect


      I once rejected someone by running away screaming...yeah that was a hell of a day

  2. I think that this phrase sums up some fanbases really well "You only need few drops of ink to darken whole bowl of water" There really isn't bad fanbases, some just happen to have some really toxic people on them..
  3. DMy first week in Highschool.. was firetrucking AWESOME 8D

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    2. xoblivionx13


      Awesome! Enjoy it though, it goes by super fast...even though it just started xD

    3. dusk


      Yeah I can already feel it.. It is soooo fun to live in apartment with other people of your age and everyone here are so nice compared to Junior High which I hated.. Also you can actually talk with teachers and they actually see you as another human being, not some stupid vegetable who doesn't understand anything..

      Well one thing that is fun about this highschool is that it is specialized in musical studies so everyone here is basically musician 8D


    4. dusk


      +it was somewhat funny experience to lose to girl in video game for first time..


  4. I could see Ishida being rival of Ichigo. I don't really see Luffy having any rivals
  5. Alucard and Anderson from Hellsing the most badass rivalry you can see
  6. There is one thing I am scared of here. Guys, it is really hard to make huge area and make it seem like cool level design but no. You actually need stuff to do in place that big. If there is only few monsters and stuff then I just rather fast travel or something and not spend time exploring. If you make big open world, then please make don't make it seem like empty
  7. Well yeah.. ABR has improved a lot from the time they started, but not really my favorite band
  8. Kinda early to ask "the album of the year" when we still have like 4 months left of this year.. Still waiting for Dream Theater's new album, but some of my favorites: TesseracT's "Altered State" is quite amazing (not as good as "One" though) Aristocrats' "Culture Clash" Karnivool's "Asymmetry" Amogh Symphony's "Abolishing the Obselete System"
  9. I'm little bit disappointed to ending. Felt somewhat rushed and extremely unsatisfying
  10. So yeah, last chapter of Soul Eater came today.. Little bit disappointing ending

  11. that looks really cute and cuddly I am sure that, that will be used a lot in competitive scene
  12. Basic idea of omegle, talking to strangers is quite fun, but it is ruined by the fact that 99 % of people who chat there are either creeps who fap on webcam or people who tell "I am 16 years old girl wanna chat" when they are most likely just old creeps Okay it used to be funny site, but even trolling there these days is boring so no don't go there
  13. I like both, but in all honesty there isn't many animes I consider as amazing or master pieces, but there are quite many video games compared to that.
  14. It is tie for me As much as I like playing on home consoles, I don't have that much time to sit in front of PS3 or any other console unless I am on vacation or if my brothers wouldn't play like 6 hours when I have to wait for my turn.. So yeah.. I benefit a lot from handhelds.. Only thing that bugs me is that all of handheld consoles feel little bit too small for me expect VITA (I have really big hands) so playing on DS or something is just really hard and annoying.. And since I nowadays play mostly on my laptop and I don't know whatever I should count it as handheld or not..
  15. scumbag picture not working D:
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