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Nora Valkyrie

The Roleplayers

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Name: Selim Bradley

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Weapon: inpenetrable shadows with eyes and teeth. (See later link.)

Appearance (Here's a gif with him and his shadows): http://img98.imagesh...1165/pride3.gif

Personality: Very intellectual but can be very arrogant about it. Loves to traumatize, insult, decieve, and antagonize people, emotionally and physically. He obeys no one but the Composer. In battle, he likes to make things quick and goes for the cheap shots. With bis shadows, absolutely nothing can get near him wothout getting killed. The only ways to stop these shadows are flash bombs and a lightless dome of earth.

Bio: As a human he always felt alone. He was never bullied or abused, only alone. He takes his memories of it and takes out anger on others. He will nearly never reveal this information to people though. After all the loneliness and negligence towards him, he eventually decided not to eat, so that he would eventually starve to death. As a Shinigami he usually tries to communicate eith other Shinigamis and Players knowing he cannot die again. He wants his afterlife to surpass his original life. Through the shadows, he has watched most Players' actions in the first week, not revealing himself ever. He even retrieved a memento of one Player's one of those days....

Player or Reaper: Reaper (Shinigami)

Entry Fee: None.

Theme: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eWVoHVzhxg

Battle Theme: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KEcpz0IE3M

Sad Theme: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut7uI9p3O5A

This is how his shadows fight: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FDV0CvHXvI&feature=related


Name: Isaac Akira

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Appearance: A child rather on the small side. He is light skinned, has blue eyes, and has blonde hair http://www.animechar...er.php?id=50769

Height/Weight: 4 foot 6 and 57 pounds (my height/weight -.-')

Personality: An orphan who's lost his parents a long time ago. Now, he is much of a smart-*** and is quick to give a remark. Despite his age, he is EXTREMELY intellectual, as he gave up his childhood fun to study general school studies, and magic, in which he has mastered. Which is all why people shouldn't mistake him for an average child. Because of his superior knowledge and information, he can answer nearly every question. He DESPISES when people call him too young or short for something. Isaac actually refuses to answer anyone who previously teased him, before an apology arises. He hates it MUCH more, if anyone even mentions his parents in front of him. Secretly, what he longs for is someone to call...a mother.

Bio: As a young boy, his parents were great, they loved him and treated him near royalty. Now he struggles to survive, and wishes for a new family...one he can protect.

Way Of Fighting: Isaac , at such a young age, is smart with battle, and because of his frail ungrown body, stays behind the action, casting defensive spells to friends, and all other offensive spells towards enemies. He uses primarily magic, but can enhance a shortsword of his with his magic, making it a bit more effective. Because of his minimal defense, Isaac usually will fight magically, or flee. His magic is powered by emotion though, as follows:

Fire- Rage

Water- Sorrow, Grief

Ice- Calm, Peaceful

Earth- Proud, Confident

Wind- Excited, Happy

Lightning- Annoyed, Stressed

Tele- pathy/kinesis/portation- Thoughtful

Light- Conflicted emotions

Darkness- Emotionless

Healing- possible during any emotion

Player or Reaper: Player

Entry Fee: Obliviously, his parents.



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Name- Death Wolf ( nick name doesn't have a name really mostly people call him Zero )

Age- 16, 17 ish

Player or Reaper- He has wings like them but is a player but he did turn into a reaper. If he remains his memories he'll still be a player for now he is almost a reaper.

Style of battling- double arm cannons then can turn into a techy looking Scythe

Entry Fee- Zero found himself in the Reaper's Game but doesn't remember how. He didn't give anything.

Personality- He doesn't talk at all but communicates through his head phones (so when ever he talks its the headphones ok? Unles I say something...), calm VERY calm. No one really notices him.


Bio- He doesn't tell anybody.


yuki yuki yuki....why am I saying my name?

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Alright then here comes x2:


Name: Auron Brand


Age: 18


Player or Reaper: Player


Entry fee: The previous one; his ability for drawing.


Style of Battle: Psych (True Pixel) Using a portable videogame; Entering combos, cause many Impacts on the real world- pixeled Fire, thunder, ice, meteors, blocks, etc. / Psych (Ace Trump) Using Cards for attack as Knives... also they can explode on Impact.


Personality: Happy, sarcastic as he becomes annoyed when someone contradicts him, He is a patience one, always using calculation and tactics for endinga battle fast, He was lonely before entering the game as he loses his family and previous life style, However during the first week, he became to trust the people around him, filling little a little the hole in his heart.



Posted Image


Posted Image


Bio- An exchange student. He´s smart in some matters... but naive in the personal affairs...he was hit by a car causing him to enter the game....As he progress on the days of the game, he begins to understand what is life, learning from his partner Isaac and his friends. later on the game he finally remember his past: He was a Guardian on the HP in his previous life, only remembering his first name: Tetsu. As he betrayed the Composer Joshua, revealing his true identity to the Corrupted Composer, he was expelled from the HP, making him to live on the RG as Auron, However as the Corrupted Composer wanted to erase any evidence of his actions he decide to eliminate Auron burning his home. This results in the death of Auron´s parents and his travel back to, ironically, Shibuya. Now Knowing the truth about his previous life, he is determinate to discover the full truth and save Destiny, for a way to repair his mistakes on his previous life.

Edited by Blacksun30

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Name: Akane Mitsuki


Age: 21


Player or Reaper: Reaper


Style of battle: Using her voice as a weapon she makes to appear many different class of noises for combat, also her nails becomes a rapier ready for attack.


Personality: She is one to be careful with; She is impatience and muddy and because of that she is easily annoyed for anything. She is ranking almost on high of the Reapers´s Hierachy; making her a little meany with the other reapers. She is sarcastic and maquiavelous, and shows no mercy with the players. With no one.



Posted Image


Posted Image


Bio: One of the reapers from the parallel world. She is among the elite of the Harrier Reapers, and she is a dangerous one. Her tactics and exotic beauty

makes her a "Winged Angel of death", She will makes hard the game for the players. Be careful!

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Name- Sayoko “Sayo” (sometimes called Say or Sayosuki) Ayame Soke


Player or Reaper- Player

Style Of Battling- No more voodoo dolls, traded her daggers with a black and white sword. She still carries little dolls of all of the old players around and practices black magic. She no longer uses voodoo dolls.

Entry Fee- She lost her hearing in her left ear before she got put in the first game. Her cousin and Father have come back. She lost her mother though.

Personality- Her personality has changed a lot. She is still a bit of a Yandere but is also a Tsundere. Her personality can change a lot…

Appearance- (changed her appearance) http://moe.animechar...-1365914057.png

Bio- She practiced Black Magic when she was young; killing her cousin and her mother was very rude to her. Noro, her father has taken care of her well. Most things that happened in her past are reveled in memories.

Theme- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRvGnq_WpAQ&feature=related

Battle Theme- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7VFvKBGWOQ&feature=related




(Lee, Cloacked Schemer has made a Theme and Battle Theme :-P)

Edited by Sodom

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Name- Oron (Noro Soke possessed)

Age-??? (at least 1,000) (Noro is in his mid-30's in human years)

Player or Reaper- Rogue Reaper

Style Of Battling- Oron- quick, deadly, and extremely painful strikes, not hesitant to kill. Noro- Brutal attacks and manipulates environment to advantage.

Weapon- Oron uses a small dagger and can take the shape of a terrifying entity, with access to any weapon due to Noro's summoning ability. Noro uses a flaming sword and can call upon the flames.

Personality- Oron- ruthless, does anything to accomplish goal, including murder and torture. Almost demonic. Noro, strong-willed and compassionate yet unable to do anything in current state, but cares extremely for family, who he regained his memories of. Rare state of rage seen very few times.

Appearance- Oron-

Posted Image


Posted Image

Oron's theme-

Noro's internal battle theme Oron-

Bio- Noro was forced into the Game after refusing to help murder his daughter and nephew in order to help the Reapers in an unknown goal. Watched his wife and brother die in front of his very eyes. Killed two Reapers in his human state, but was killed shortly after along with his best friend, Zero (Skull) and lost his memories as his entree fee in the Game. Partnered up with Skull almost as if by destiny in the Game and won, but Skull was experimented on by the Composer and forced back into the Game as a Player after escaping, and Noro became a Reaper and played many games, each time winning but losing his memories for some reason, all of them except for his best friend Keith, who was also a Reaper with him. In the latest Game, he finally met with his daughter and nephew, who were killed by the Reapers in the real world, and after attempting to kill them as part of his Reaperly duty, he regained his memories, including the ones where Keith was the one who actually murdered his wife. Keith was defeated by a half- Reaper half- Player Skull, along with Issac (nephew) and Sayo (daughter). As Noro was dying, he became a part of Isaac's mind and unlocked his and Sayo's memories, allowing them to remember Noro. Noro managed to come back in the battle against Destiny, the new Composer's daughter, but was forced into a nightmarish-coma after taking Sayo's place in a curse placed on her by Destiny. However, Noro managed to wake up before the final showdown with the Composer and on his way to warn the Players about the Composer's true intentions and his plot to turn on the Reapers, he encountered an ancient and evil figure who possessed his body and drastically changed his appearance, taking on the anagram name of Oron. After Sayo discovered Noro wasn't really dead but instead taken over by this creature, he stabbed her and attacked Isaac, then disappeared and continued his elaborate planning of killing the Composer with the help of the Players, then taking the throne as the new Composer.

.... Yuki.... x3



Name- Matt Solan


Player or Reaper- Parallel world Player

Style Of Battling- Acrobatic and uses magic to do almost impossible things, like teleporting and the summoning of lightning.

Weapon- Dual pistols with electric bullets that are fueled by magic, and has an extendable staff which he channels magic through.

Entry Fee- His life, joined the Game through a contract signed with someone who claimed to be a Reaper (Oron) with the intention of stopping Players from interfering with his contractor's goal.

Personality- Deceitful and talkative, but has a quite sinister side which allows him to do things like turn on his friends.

Appearance-Posted Image

Bio- In life, he was a very wealthy and fortunate boy who was in line to inherit his father's company that distributes music by famous artists, thus giving him a love of music. Was very successful in everything he did and even seen as a genius, an obvious perfect fit as the heir to the Solan fortune. However, as he developed a longing for something more than just wealth and popularity. He wanted to make sure his name was known by the world. Ready to inherit the company within a month, the day of his 18th birthday, he encountered a man on the way home from a walk with friends, who promised to make his dreams come true if he could help him in his task. Matt agreed to the condition of sacrificing his life in order to help this man's goal of becoming a god become a reality, and was thrown into the Reaper's Game with the goal of destroying the master of the Game then helping the man, who never revealed his name, to take his Composer's place. Once that was done, the man promised to grant Matt powers unlike the likes of anything he's ever seen and restore his life so that he could come back and make his dream come true. He lost nothing but his life as an entry fee, and is ready to do whatever the man commands. "How will I know it is you?" Matt asked the man. "I'll be the one that's making everyone suffer, including the Reapers and there precious Composer. However, I'll skip over you as long as you follow my terms," the man replied, and with that, he killed Matt and left his body on the doorstep of the Solan household.

Yuki Yuki Yuki

Edited by Master Juan

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