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Cellar Door

To Backmask /not updating 3:

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This is a story i'm writing on fanfiction that i havent updated in forever, and when i went back to check another person had reviewed it... so i figure, if i start posting the story here, maybe i'll be inspired to keep writing it. I'll put up the first chapter tomorrow, first tell me what you think of the prologue.


To Backmask


[align=center]Walking down the hallway, the teen kept glancing at the room numbers to make sure he was going the right way. He didn't come this way often, but he knew he really should return the girl's journal. After all, if it was in his hands too long, he might be tempted to pry, and that would be an invasion of privacy and yadayada.


Reaching the designated room, he knocked on the doors. He had heard noises inside, but suddenly they were silent. Frowning with curiosity, he opened the doors.


There were odd people that he'd never seen before in the room, one pointing a gun at his curious friend. He let out a gasp and was about to call for help, but the frail girl widened her eyes and shook her head.

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Thanks a ton, guys ^^ Really made me feel good about this story.. C:

I'll put up the next chapter, then... and tell me if you guys want me to keep going and write chapter 2, because this is where i cut off with writer's block and never got back into it.


To Backmask

I Hate Emotion







The doctors here have some serious problems.


I mean, honestly! They say we're in here because we're crazy, but some of these people... well, for a few of them it's just a matter of

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I must say, you have good talent for writing! :]


I like the disorders you gave the characters, in comparison to the games, they are very believable. Poor Axel has to be a pyro. xD


The story is very detailed and realistic, I kind of believed this came from true events, hehe. It kept my attention the whole way through, with me having severe ADHD, that is a remarkable feat.


Very good job and keep the chapters rolling, please! :3

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i pay you 50 $ for you to right story


i come viste you


on secend tought i wont come viste you

but il buy you pizza



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omg it's freakin better than normal

library books or something <33

that was teh best first chapter of kingdom hearts

fan fic that've ever read !!! X3

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