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All the worlds that I predict could be in this game

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1. Twilight Town

2. Disney Castle

3. Radiant Guardian

4. The Jungle Book world - NEW

5. The Black Cauldron - NEW

6. Agrabah


8. Pocahontas - NEW

9. Mount Olympus - Returnee

10. Atlantis

11. Wreck it Ralph

12. Frozen

13. Keyblade Grave yard

14. The world that never was


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I would love Atlantis and Wreck-It Ralph. I have mixed feelings about frozen, cuz I love the movie, but I don't know how it would be in a game. Pocahontas, sure. Please no more agrabah... I'm so sick of that world now. Especially since it was the exact same in 4 of the 5 games it was in. Toy Story, Yes. Any pixar world really. Black cauldron, eh, doesn't sound that interesting to me. The Jungle Book? yeah i'd dig that. 


The main problem with your list is that you have 14 worlds. There will either be 13 or 20. All the games so far have had 13 or 7. KH1, KH2, CoM, and BBS have 13. 358/2 Days, Coded, and 3D have 7. KH3 is way too big a game to only have 7. So at least 13, you could argue 20 as well as a representation of the 13 darknesses fighting the 7 lights.

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