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  1. Definitely a wild theory! But honestly if something completely out of left field like that would happen, it would be pretty cool!! Nomura mentioned that the ending would be tough to swallow, so Maybe Sora taking control of Kingdom Hearts/ being part of it and getting stuck inside of it. Future games can still be about him trying to get out of it or solving some issues inside of it. Idk something completely out of left field!
  2. It was one of the first game I ever played when I got to this country! I was 10 at the time, I remember because I played KH 1 on my birthday
  3. Personally, I love Zack Fair. His character development was incredible and his final farewell is beyond amazing/sad!!! He truly deserves to rest in peace
  4. That is true everyone always has an opinion, however the reason I emphasize this generation and the upcoming ones is because we were raised or at least have had access to the Internet since very little. So this whole subculture of always having a negative connotation is a particular trait that is relevant or at least characterized with the boon of our generation.
  5. Yeah but then people would never shut up about the remake! Plus is not so bad, whether the game is an incredible success or an utter failure, people will ALWAYs have something to complain or opiniate about. That is the sad truth about this generation!
  6. True but Kitase is not the director this time around!
  7. That actually sounds pretty cool. However please correct me if I'm wrong but one of the reason is called twilight town is because the time of day never changes. As in is always twilight. In destiny island however that doesn't seem to be the case. That's of course aside from the two worlds being in different realms
  8. It wont matter. Once you pre-order a game you will receive any exclusives that are later announced. For the most part if they announce collectors editions the retailer will have an option for upgrading your purchase.
  9. Lmao says the guy with "Sora" in his username and icon! In all seriousness tho if Sora doesn't make it I would love to see: 1. Samanoske from Onimusha 2. Spike from Ape Escape 3. Main Char. from persona 4 4. Dante from dmc 5. The Prince from PoP
  10. Or kingdom hearts 3 in a final fantasy 7 remake world!!! How cool would that be!!i doubt it will happen, but hey a man can dream right
  11. That's just nitpicking man. I know HMK did a video on this but I think is to far fetched. It be nice for there to be a connection and contribute more to the story! However I wouldn't look to much into it .
  12. I know Disney is super strict with thei properties but if that was the case than more to the point that Pegasus should had its regular color scheme instead. There is no point in re-introducing him now. But then again this is all just expeculation and it would be pretty cool if it were like you said. However having a character summon as a keyblade transformation for every world keyblade I think it would just lose it charm. It would still be neat tho
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