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  1. Of course my mom would drag me out to an event the day of D23! I ended up missing the whole thing and only got to see the trailer later (I'm super excited by the way). What I wanted to know was if there was anyway to watch the whole conference like how they do it for E3 or is it a "if you don't watch it when it's live streamed you'll miss it kind of thing"? I want to see what Nomura and John Lasseter said before and after the trailer was shown. I've been looking for it but all I keep finding are the new trailer, trailer reactions, and dead/ended streams.
  2. What is everyone going in clothes wise? I was unsure if I should go in a dress or if I should just wear my usual jeans, vans, and a KH t-shirt. Also how early should I get there? I'm going to the performance on the 14th so should I get there an hour before the show and wait or...? I kind of want to make sure I get there early enough so I can get merch before they run out.
  3. The reason I asked was because the official KH Twitter posted this when 1.5+2.5 was coming out. https://twitter.com/KINGDOMHEARTS/status/845403624092028929
  4. I only remember the pre order bonus being that special PS3 theme. I've seen pictures of the pin but I don't remember getting it when my dad sent me the game after pre ordering it.
  5. I'm so excited to go! the tickets were a present for my 21'st this past year.
  6. So I saw the news about the program you can buy when you to to the KH Orchestra, but what I want to know is are they selling any other merchandise or are they just selling the programs? I know they sell all sorts of t-shirts and merchandise at plays and other productions so I'm curious to know if you can buy other stuff.
  7. I wanted to do this RP idea with my best friend, but after we got into a small argument during our last RP she's being stubborn and refuses to RP with me anymore claiming "We don't write well together" and is RPing with someone else now. My problem is that I really want to do this idea I came up with but I have no one to RP it with. I wrote an begining/opening for it, but I don't know if it will really work well as a group RP or weather it should stay as a one on one RP. I tried to leave it open ended enough for someone's (mostly my best friends) characters to jump in but I don't really know how well it would hold up group RP wise. Basically, my OC, Alona, is sent by Yen Sid to investigate a previously undiscovered world that has a dark aura coming from it and she ends up trying to get directions from a mental hospital who think she's delusional and admits her into the asylum. She tries to summon her keyblades to help her escape, but she can't summon it in the building for some unknown reason. So she's trying to find a way to escape the world and is reluctantly forced to go along with her treatments. Also if you end up thinking the reason for her being admitted by force is complete boosh I think I might have ended up getting the idea from a scene in the 1950's movie Harvey. here's everything I wrote: Alona groaned as she awoke from her uncomfortable sleep looking up at the ceiling. She had grown accustomed to this view over the past few weeks that she had been trapped in this awful place; she just wished she could go home already. She sighed heavily as she had to use her legs and her upper body strength to push herself into a sitting position up against the wall. She couldn't exactly use her arms under the circumstances she was in being in a straight jacket and all. Upon her movement the lights in her large padded room turned on and caused her to blink a bit in disorientation before her eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness. How long had she been here? She lost track after the first few days, maybe it was the weird drugs and medicine they were forcing on her? She wasn't sure. All she knew was that she didn't have use of wings or keyblades anymore no matter how hard or how long she tried to summon them. She thought back to how she ended up here in the first place... Alona had been sent on a mission to investigate this world because it had an odd dark aura surrounding it. When she got to the world she landed her keyblade glider in the woods and dismissed it before starting her trek. While she walked deeper in she noticed she was surrounded by a thick lush forest full of trees, seeing the tops of mountains peeking out just above the treetops. After a while she came across a dirt road going straight through a vast grassy meadow and decided to follow it to see if she could find a town. As Alona kept walking, the road seemed to rise and fall with the land and would go through thick portions of the forest before rolling back out into the open fields. By the time Alona finally saw what looked like a building off in the distance the sun had reached its highest point the the sky. As she got closer she noticed it wasn't a town like she had previously thought, but actually a large Victorian looking building that had some more modern expansions added onto it; making it look partially like a modern hospital. Alona looked around to see if maybe the road kept going in a different direction, but didn't see any other way to go. She took one last look up at the building before walking inside to ask if she could get directions to the nearest town. As she walked inside and looked around the dark wood reception area with classic rococo furniture she noticed it was pretty quiet aside from the clock ticking on the wall above the reception desk and the clacking of the keyboard from the nurse that was typing away at her computer. Alona waited for the woman to notice her before she cleared her throat to try and get her attention. The nurse looked up in surprise upon seeing her. "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in. How can I help you?" The nurse asked as she turned toward Alona completely. "Um, yes I was actually wondering if you could direct me to the closest town?" Alona asked "Oh, did the car you came to the facility with break down outside?" The nurse asked in concern Alona looked really confused at this "Um, No? I walked here." The nurse gave her an odd look "You walked here?" "Yes?" The nurse got up from her seat "Could you wait here? I'll be right back." "Sure." The nurse walked to the back of the area behind the reception area marked "staff only" The head doctor was in the lounge drinking coffee when she walked in "Doctor we have a problem." She said worriedly as she approached him. "Yes? What is it Maria?" The doctor asked as he took a sip of the hot liquid in his mug. "There's a young lady in the front who is asking directions to the nearest town and when I asked her if her car broke down she claims that she walked here." The nurse explained The doctor put his coffee down "That's impossible, the closest town is almost a five hour drive from here and it's the only town around for miles, clearly someone must have dropped her off here to have her admitted because she's delusional doesn't know what's going on." "What do we do then?" The doctor finished off his coffee "Admit her what else? Have the guards detain her and take her to Greta for cleaning and we'll prepare a room for her." "Yes sir." The nurse replied as she left back to the reception desk. One she got there she discreetly pressed a button under the desk to call security as she got Alona's attention "Thank you for waiting miss, we'll get everything all sorted out in a moment, the men who are going to give you directions will be here in a bit." Alona thanked the nurse and went back to waiting. Not long after two burly security guards showed up and tried to roughly grab her. "What are you doing, get of of me!" She demanded as she tried to get away. "It's alright miss, we're only trying to help you." One of the guards said firmly. Alona finally wrenched herself from their grasp and tried the run, only for them to block the door. She tried to summon her keyblades but they didn't. come to her. Alona looked at her hand in confusion "What the-?" She tried again, but still nothing. The same went for her wings. The guards grabbed her again and started dragging her off "What's going on!? Let go of me!" Alona screamed as she attempted to struggle against them. Next thing Alona knew she was stripped of her clothes, thrown in a bath, put in a hospital gown, forced into a straitjacket, and thrown in a padded cell almost before she could even blink. She has tried everything she could to try and convince them that she wasn't crazy or delusional even going so far as to breaking the world order and telling them about the keyblade to try to get them to release her. But it only seemed to make things worse for her and prompted the head doctor to giver her the best doctors and nurses on staff to take care of her... Alona snapped back to present day as the door to her cell opened and a nurse walked in with a somewhat burly looking guard. The nurse was carrying a tray that had a bowl of oatmeal with apples and cinnamon in it as well as a cup of water with a lid and a straw. "Good morning Alona, I trust you slept well." The nurse said a bit too cheerily for Alona's taste. "I slept fine..." Alona grumbled as she looked away. The nurse frowned "Now Alona don't make my last morning with me as your nurse difficult. Remember, if you're going to be in a bad mood I can't take your jacket off so you can eat on your own and I'm going to have to spoon feed you myself. Do you want that?" "No ma'am." Alona mumbled "Good girl, now let's get the jacket off you so you can eat." The nurse went about unbuckling Alona's straight jacket as Alona was leaned against her. Alona took this opportunity, as she often did, to try to summon her keyblades again but as always nothing happened. She gave a heavy sigh as her nurse slid the jacket off and placed the tray on her lap and she started eating. Once she was done her nurse helped her stand "There. Now are you ready to go meet your new psychiatrist?" Alona shrugged and the nurse led her out of her cell with the guard following behind her rather closely.
  8. As much as I've come to this site for news and stuff I've never actually joined. I thought now would be as good a time as any.
  9. I'm going on the 11th but I don't think we're staying that long.
  10. Or he could be the practice target. I bet the new "Yen Sid is the worst!" side of he fandom would love that! :lol:
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