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  1. I just start my advent calendar , Christmas tastes gooooood

    1. Kingdom Of Me

      Kingdom Of Me

      Final Fantasy Advent children calendar... I had to... it just came to me....

    2. Caracool


      OMG i didn't know it exists, whoa you're so lucky ! :0

  2. Caracool

    Happy Birthday Col.Random

    Yeah ! Happy birthday ! Everyone loves happy birthday ! Happy birthday for everyone !
  3. Damn i found my headphone broken this morning on my desk, and i don't know how it happen, i'm still shocked

    1. Joker


      It was them. They did it. The Socity Of the Blind eye.......

    2. Gamerazor247
  4. I thought about Twilight Town but i'm pretty sure it will be then i hope the Beast Castle will reeturn in KH3 It's maybe weird, but i really love this world, it's an unique atmosphere that i can't really describe, at last it's a castle then they will be always some part to discover And so many boss can be created in this place ! Then i'll wait and still hope
  5. Caracool

    How Do You Imagine FROZEN's World?

    At just hope they will create some nice OST, after maybe why not help elsa to buit her *bip* snowman
  6. Caracool

    Finale Of The KH Series?

    This kind of serie will never end, maybe i'm too optimist but they will be always some guys (as us ) to keep it alive
  7. Caracool

    Happy Birthday Aros! (My gift to you xD)

    OOOOOOOOOOH Aros happy birthday !!! For my gift i come with someone very 'special ' here is my present !
  8. FFXIII sure, but i don't even see Assassin's Creed in the list (maybe my 2nd choice), then Tomb Raider 2013 as my 3rd (really epic game)
  9. Caracool

    The Kitchen's Ultimate Disaster

    There is no laws against.... that ?? (fire isn't enough =/ )
  10. Caracool

    Do you have a favorite subject at school?

    English, economics and history
  11. Caracool

    FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Discussion Thread

    This teaser is just beautiful, it's nice they release PC version; everyone will be able to enjoy this fabulous trilogy
  12. Caracool

    Your super villain name and title

    Infinity Warrior: The Master of Freedom :0
  13. Caracool

    I will never get tired of this

    #JustJapanthings You need: some kawai stuff, a bit eccentric, a intense cadence and a good dose of WTF
  14. Caracool

    Which Final Fantasy Character Are YOU Like?

    Vanille i think, always positive guys ! (and a kind naive), a bit Hope/Ashe for their moments of trouble and they find it difficult to make the good choice
  15. Caracool

    All the worlds that I predict could be in this game

    Pocahontas world approved (could be awesome)