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Everything posted by Caracool

  1. I just start my advent calendar , Christmas tastes gooooood

    1. Kingdom Of Me

      Kingdom Of Me

      Final Fantasy Advent children calendar... I had to... it just came to me....

    2. Caracool


      OMG i didn't know it exists, whoa you're so lucky ! :0

  2. Yeah ! Happy birthday ! Everyone loves happy birthday ! Happy birthday for everyone !
  3. Damn i found my headphone broken this morning on my desk, and i don't know how it happen, i'm still shocked

    1. Joker


      It was them. They did it. The Socity Of the Blind eye.......

    2. Gamerazor247
  4. I thought about Twilight Town but i'm pretty sure it will be then i hope the Beast Castle will reeturn in KH3 It's maybe weird, but i really love this world, it's an unique atmosphere that i can't really describe, at last it's a castle then they will be always some part to discover And so many boss can be created in this place ! Then i'll wait and still hope
  5. At just hope they will create some nice OST, after maybe why not help elsa to buit her *bip* snowman
  6. This kind of serie will never end, maybe i'm too optimist but they will be always some guys (as us ) to keep it alive
  7. OOOOOOOOOOH Aros happy birthday !!! For my gift i come with someone very 'special ' here is my present !
  8. FFXIII sure, but i don't even see Assassin's Creed in the list (maybe my 2nd choice), then Tomb Raider 2013 as my 3rd (really epic game)
  9. There is no laws against.... that ?? (fire isn't enough =/ )
  10. This teaser is just beautiful, it's nice they release PC version; everyone will be able to enjoy this fabulous trilogy
  11. #JustJapanthings You need: some kawai stuff, a bit eccentric, a intense cadence and a good dose of WTF
  12. Vanille i think, always positive guys ! (and a kind naive), a bit Hope/Ashe for their moments of trouble and they find it difficult to make the good choice
  13. OMG I just discovered your Vocaloid song on your profile four days ago i cant stop listen it, awesome ! *_*

  14. Roxas : seeker of the truth, don't even know who is he and where he came from, can do anything for his friend, dont know what side choose (best friend Axel , or save his human form Sora), a good sense of justice , he ´s not able to recognize the real and the fake (virtual town and friends), he fight to exist
  15. Well apparently my vacations really ended yesterday(plz where are you hidden my dear?)

  16. I fear i start be same, i mean while i played KH 1.5 remix i don't shared the same feelings i was hoping maybe it will be better with KH 2.5 remix but whatever happen i'll stay here for the community and you can of course do the same
  17. I got all the 358/2 days manga and i'm not dissapointed at all, really nice manga
  18. I think, they want to make you stronger to face the(not always easy) world, it's sad but sometimes you will have to manage some emotions to continue, but if you're truly as you said , stay as you're , it's your nature and you should probably talk over with your parents
  19. It looks like a mix between destati and another i dont remenber i suppose , but whoa that's really amazing o_o
  20. Probably KH2 but i don't have already play to BBS then i'll see if KH2 still my favourite
  21. TAN TAN TAaan *dramatic music * absolutely hilarious!
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