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Sora96's FINAL FANTASY XIII for PC Review

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Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase's FINAL FANTASY XIII was released on Windows PC via Steam a year ago and today I checked out the port.


I have been running it on my laptop that is nearly 3 years old and has a fan in poor condition. My laptop is running Windows 10.


The port looks amazing and runs pretty well. The Visual Works movies are perfect. Regular cutscenes and gameplay look great and run well. Audio is also perfect. The PC version looks amazing overall and noticeably better than the PlayStation 3 version.


There are plenty of settings/options in regards to graphics and controls as well. You can also change the language between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean & Chinese for text. As for audio, English or Japanese.


The port also supports 60fps while I did not check the frame rate, it did go quite high at times. It did drop below 30 at times but this was was no annoyance. I understand other people have issues with the frame rate but I personally did not and I repeat, my computer is nearly 3 years old with a a fan in poor condition.


The Steam achievements are of course based off the PlayStation 3 trophies & Xbox 360 achievements.


After playing it for awhile I found myself wanting to play more. Haha.


The Windows PC version of FINAL FANTASY XIII is a great port and it doesn't cost much at all.



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Also note that I have a computer that is two years old with a good fan, and the frame rate dropped at times for me, sometimes as low as 10 fps. You can fiddle with the graphics quality to try and fix this, but results may very. The point being, the frame rate thing can be an issue, and just be aware of that prior to buying. 

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