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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

    Original release date: 01/20/2011

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix is an upgraded re-release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, originally released on the PlayStation Portable exclusively in Japan on January 20, 2011. 


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    • By polowogs
      Don't think Ventus can count either...
    • By DChiuch
      Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is a prequel to Kingdom Hearts originally released on the PlayStation Portable in Japan (January 9, 2010), North America (September 7, 2010), Australia (September 9, 2010) and Europe (September 10, 2010). 
    • By User17k
      Ok, here's my theory about the upcoming new Kingdom Hearts game for PS3 Birth by Sleep.
      In the trailer we see three guys holding keyblades and wearing armor, Terra Aqua and Ven. We see them fighting with an old man named master Xehanort and his apprentice named Chasers. We are also introduced to the character's master, Master Eraqus. If you look at each character you'll see that they resemble something from previous KH characters. Terra looks like Xehanort from KH2(the only differance is their hair color), Aqua looks like Riku, Ven like Sora's nobody Roxas, Master Xehanort like Xigbar, Chasers' like Riku's dark form, and Master Eraqus like Xaldin.
       So here's what I think happens in the game. Ven is Sora's father, Aqua is Riku's father. Both Ven, Aqua, and Chasers die in the final battle while Terra, Master Xehanort, and Eraqus clash and there is no victor. Ansem the wise later finds them later haveing lost their memories, except for Terra who remembers the name Xehanort, and takes them in. Later Xehanort discover's that he's really Terra but Braig and Dilan don't remember who they are.
       Also in a scene in KH2 Final Mix we see Xemnas go into the room of sleep and talk to Aqua's armor. And later Axel explains to Zexion that there must also be a room of awakaning, and that's where Ven's frozen body probably is.
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