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    Introducing March Caprice! A virtual gathering of Kingdom Hearts fans that showcases and supports the incredible hard work, projects, and talents of the community! We invite all who wish to show off their latest content, ideas, and more to participate and join us in celebrating this incredible series! So far we have plenty of music, writing, art, and videos for all to enjoy, and we'd love to see more entries flood in. Some of the deadlines are coming up in two weeks, so be sure to sign up soon. For those just wanting to attend the event, it will be held entirely digitally during March 25-27, with each participant hosting their content in a previously assigned time slot. The event schedule will be posted closer to the due date. We will be updating you live on our website and Twitter (@MarchCapriceKH) on what the current event is and where to find it, so make sure to follow us on different platforms to stay tuned! Art and writing entries will be found in our Artist Alley on our website starting March 25! For more information check out our FAQ as well as our various social media: Twitter Youtube Twitch Discord
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