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Square Enix describes Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] gameplay


Last week, people were given the opportunity to participate in a closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] (pronounced "Kingdom Hearts Key"), the currently Japan-only Kingdom Hearts game for web browsers. Square Enix opened an official website for the game, and has since added a page describing the gameplay elements of Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], complete with screenshots. Thanks go to tomerc10 from KH13 for this find. goldpanner has translated the information provided on this page, and thanks to her, you can read this translation below.

[How to play]

Slide 1: Welcome to the world of Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]!
Journey through Disney worlds and take the light back from the darkness!

Slide 2: Defeat the darkness that has appeared in the worlds, the Heartless!
Defeat Heartless to get Lux (Light)!

Slide 3: Collect Lux (light) to win Team Battles!
The Lux you all collected will be tallied together every night to determine the victorious team!
The winning team will be rewarded!

Slide 4: Defeat Raid Bosses for Huge Gains!
Join in the battle when a Raid Boss appears.


Slide 1: Simple mouse controls
- Your avatar will move to wherever you click the mouse
- Click Heartless and things that catch your eye! (Heartless, components Items, Treasure Chests)
- Use AP to make actions (TIP: AP regenerates with time)

Slide 2: Dynamic Card Battles!
- Click Heartless to start a battle!
- Defeat Heartless to obtain Lux and cards etc
- Use cards to execute various abilities!

Slide 3: Gather components!
- Synthesise your Keyblade with components to strengthen it!

[Card Synthesis]

Slide 1: About Card Synthesis
- Synthesise your cards to get strong!
- Base card
- components Cards
- Munny is necessary for synthesis
- Synthesise cards of the same type (blue, green, red) and the level will rise more easily
- Synthesise the same card to form a Limit Card and raise the card's max level

[Deck Formation]

Slide 1: About Deck Formation
- Form the strongest deck easily with 'Auto Form'
- Deck
- Owned cards
- Battle with three cards at a time chosen at random from your deck

Slide 2: About Cards
There are two types of cards!
Attack Cards:
- Attack cards are set with one Ability
- Attack cards have a fixed Attack Strength and Defence Strength!
- Obtain Attack Cards by defeating Heartless and through Card Draw etc
Assist Cards:
- Assist Cards are important cards that decide HP and the Lux you will obtain
- Obtain Assist Cards from treasure chests as you adventure through the worlds

[Keyblade Strengthening]

Slide 1: About Keyblade Strengthening
- Gather components Items to strengthen your Keyblade
- Once you have collected the necessary components, you can strengthen your Keyblade!
- If you match your cards and Keyblade type during battle, you will get an effect up bonus


Slide 1: A Raid Boss has Appeared!
- Work together with everyone to defeat the Raid Boss within the time limit!
- Damage the Raid Boss to get Lux to defeat opposing teams
- Battle the Raid Boss using BP!
- The more BP you use, the more damage you deal

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Well. I wish it had at least Days level graphics. Then I'd be happier.


But I digress. Looks to be ok. Wish the potential was put to it's fullest.

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The only difference to Chain of Memories is that it's more or less turn based, And the cards that are in your deck are chosen at random during battle ,_. So you don't have to do anything during battle except (I think) Click on the enemy after they've attacked. Though you usually get the first attack anyways. It's a neat game that helps pass time i guess.

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I mean I am not personally a big online game fan but I guess this could be cool. Then again, I am one of those people who just want to see KH3 already =)

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