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Kingdom Hearts III launch campaign announced for Square Enix Cafe Osaka and Tokyo and ARTNIA from February 2, 2019; animated Frozen short released with theme music

Today marks another day down on Kingdom Hearts III's countdown! Each day until January 25, director Tetsuya Nomura is making an announcement. Today, he said that this announcement was difficult but was eventually decided by the staff: a Kingdom Hearts III launch campaign will be held at Square Enix Cafe Tokyo and Osaka and ARTNIA! He accompanied this announcement with an animated short of Frozen, which you can view below. The background music sounds to be the field music for Arendelle.

For screenshots from the short Frozen video, click here.

The Kingdom Hearts III cafe release celebration campaigns will be divided into three periods:

  • February 2 - February 24
  • February 25 - March 19
  • March 20 - April 12

During this time, the cafes' menus will be replaced with a Kingdom Hearts themes one! They are currently finalizing the menu. Exclusive merchandise will also be available for purchase.

Diners will receive a themed luncheon mat as a gift, and if you order a drink, you can also receive a themed coaster; these are both parts of the overall Kingdom Hearts interior theme of the cafes. You can view the samples in the album below:

Online reservations for the first phase of the campaign will start on January 26, 2019, at 12 PM JST. Square Enix Cafe Tokyo will accept reservations here; click here for the Osaka branch event page.

ARTNIA will take reservations via a lottery system and will be available exclusively to Square Enix Members (free registration) from January 23, 2019. Reservations via the lottery will take place twice for the first phase, and once for the second and third phases each. They will begin at 12 PM on the lottery start days to 11:59 PM JST on the last days. The dates are as listed below:

  • 1st phase (February 2 - February 8): lottery will take place between January 23 - January 27. Winners will be notified on January 31.
  • 1st phase (February 9 - February 24): lottery will take place between January 23 - January 28. Winners will be notified on February 5.
  • 2nd phase: lottery will take place between February 7 - February 12. Winners will be notified on February 20.
  • 3rd phase: lottery will take place between March 1 - March 7. Winners will be notified on March 15.

Back in 2017, a Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary campaign was held at the Square Enix Cafe Tokyo and Osaka and ARTNIA. Tetsuya Nomura, along with other members of the Kingdom Hearts III production team, were also present. For a blast from the past, take a look at it here!


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Wow I love potential Frozen field music. Even though I'm not a fan of the movie but seeing Larxene, the Frozen Keyblade, and hearing the music makes me kinda excited to explore Arendelle.

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Thank you again, KHWaterBlock, for the news updates!

Gahh, we're getting closer! Soon, the international release of the game can be counted down with just one hand!

I'm loving the field theme for Arendelle! I'm just loving how KHIII's soundtrack is shaping up to be so far! I'm so psyched!


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