[UPDATE] Kingdom Hearts III to appear at EGX 2018 in Birmingham


Kingdom Hearts III has been showing up in some capacity at all the big gaming conventions recently, usually the highlight of which is the playable Kingdom Hearts III demo, along with new merchandise etc.


EGX 2018 will be receiving the same treatment - showcasing all the latest and greatest there is to see from Kingdom Hearts III!


EGX 2018 will take place at The NEC in Birmingham, UK on from September 20 - 23. It will run from 10am - 6pm on Thursday and Sunday and will run from 10am - 7pm on Friday and Saturday.


You can purchase tickets here.


UPDATE [sunday 9th Sept.]:

A demo for Kingdom Hearts III has been officially announced to contain a battle against the Rock Titan in Olympus Coliseum and the opportunity to explore the Toy Box alongside Woody and Buzz.


Also available at EGX is the chance to feel like a toy with a photo op in Andy's room, as well as a huge metal Kingdom Key being on display.

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