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Kingdom Hearts III "Tower of Radiance and Shadow" event starting tomorrow: special screenings, exclusive merchandise, confectionery, and more

The Kingdom Hearts III Tower of Radiance and Shadow event will commence tomorrow at 7:30 PM JST at Tokyo Skytree! This event will celebrate the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts III.

It will take place from Tuesday January 8, 2019 through Sunday March 3, 2019 at the Tembō Galleria in the Tokyo Skytree tower, 450 meters above ground. The event will take up the upper half of the tower, showing off worlds and characters throughout the series. There will also be a stamp rally, and screenings at the Skytree Round Theater inside the tower, using 255° out of 360° of the huge screen. The screenings will be 7 minutes long and follow the following timetable:



- On January 8th (Tue): 19: 30/20: 15/21: 00
- From January 9th (Wed) to January 31st (Thu): 18: 00/18: 45/19: 30/20: 15/21: 00
- From February 1st (Fri) to February 28th (Thu): 18: 30/19: 15/20: 00/20: 45
- From March 1st (Fri) to March 5th (Tue): 18: 45/19: 30/20: 15/21: 00

Screening date and time may change without notice.


On January 8, certain areas within the Tembo Deck (where the event will be taking place) will be restricted from around 3:00 PM JST in order to prepare and organize an interview for the press. The placement of this press event right before the start of the Kingdom Hearts III event suggests that they may be related.


A unique lineup of merchandise will also be sold at the event, including some event exclusive items! You can see them below.

Kingdom Hearts III mug

Water repellent print with the King (Mickey Mouse), Donald, and Goofy
Size: Φ 73 × H 104 mm (300 ml)

1,080 yen (tax included)


Arita ware pottery magnets

Size: Approximately 43 mmΦ

Each 626 yen (tax included)


Kingdom Hearts III drawstring pouch

Dyed drawstring and pouch have unique, enjoyable texture
Size: about 210 × 285 mm

1,458 yen (tax included)


Kingdom Hearts III bic ballpoint pens

Each 378 yen (tax included)


Kingdom Hearts III Ramune candy

Set of 8

486 yen (tax included)


Kingdom Hearts III cookies and tin

15 random prints of 8 cookie prints inside a tin, whose design is inspired by the event

1,382 yen (tax included)


Metal Tower of Radiance and Shadow Keyblade keychain

Releasing January 25, 2019
Size: approximately 83 × 25 × 2 mm

1,620 yen (tax included)


Kingdom Hearts III clear file <Tower of Radiance and Shadow at Tokyo Sky Tree ® >

432 yen (tax included)


You can find pictures of other merchandise at the event below.

To learn more about the event, read our translations of the press release here and visit the official website.

Translations used in this article were provided by KH13 Staff @Mio-chan .

Update [January 8th] The Premium Theater footage has been recorded thanks to Game Watch! You can watch it below.



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