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Naminé's Story "Another Dream" : Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files has received more story translations. The translations this time are courtesy of Twitter user petalscythe!

For those unaware, the Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files features over 200 characters from the entirety of the series thus far, with several short stories from Tomoco Kanemaki (the writer of the Kingdom Hearts light novels).

You can purchase the book for ¥3,080 (approx. $28.03) from the Square Enix e-Store directly or from AitaiKuji, who deliver official and exclusive Japanese pop culture products worldwide!

We have covered translations for:

The translations for Naminé's Story are below.


Naminé's Story
"Another Dream"

“Besides Kairi and Riku, there was one other girl I was friends with. The four of us played together all the time.”

That was the memory I created for Sora. I recall the scene.

Restless waves, white sand. Along the back of the beach, the boys are fighting with wooden sticks. I stand and walk alone to the dock. Now I sit down at the very end and gaze out at the horizon. I close my eyes. All I can hear are the waves.

“Whatcha doing, Naminé?” 

A voice calls out from behind me and I look over my shoulder. Sora was standing there.

“The wind feels great, doesn’t it?” I reply, still facing him. “If this wind could carry us anywhere, where would we go?”

“This again?”

I laugh. Sora and the others are making a raft right now. A raft to take them away from this world.

“You don’t want to go back?” Sora asked, sitting beside me.

Go back—to where? Where would I return to? The only place I ever wanted to return to was the white sand of this beach. Where I could always hear the waves crashing against these cliffs. But really—the real me… I still wanted to return to this beach, didn’t I?

“If there are other worlds out there, I wanna see ‘em all!” Sora continues. That’s right. Sora had already seen all kinds of other worlds. He met so many people and had so many memories of their bonds. I know some of the pieces of those memories.

“Hey, aren’t you guys forgetting about me?” We turned at the voice to see Riku standing there. Behind him was Kairi. This was a fake memory where the four of us played together. “So, I guess we’re the only ones working on the raft.” 

Riku turns to look at her, and the girl, with a face that looked a bit like mine, smiles.

This is a special world. A world where someone, long, long ago, set off on a journey. A treasured place in his memory.

It would be so great if everyone could come back here one day. And so, why couldn’t they, in the end?

Is what I’m seeing an illusion? Or a dream?

Is this the world I wanted? Or a world that someone else wanted? I don’t know.

The sketchbook that I used to draw in, I wonder where it ended up?

I hear waves. The memory is sinking into the sound of the waves. The waves are all I can hear, eternally.

Take a closer look at Naminé's character page in the gallery below 


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