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Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Sora Funko Pop! plushie available at Hot Topic, EB Games Australia, and Zing Pop Culture Australia


Hot Topic has revealed via Instagram that it will be selling a new Kingdom Hearts plushie of Sora in his Halloween Town outfit. The plush is part of the Funko Pop! line of plushies and will be exclusive to Hot Topic as shown on the product label. It is not available to purchase yet but it will cost for $16.90 USD when it is. Thanks to Twitter user @LuxbeyXIII for providing front and rear pictures of the plush.



Halloween Town Sora will join Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as part of the Disney/Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop! plushies which were recently revealed at the New York Toy Fair.


Does this plushie get you excited for Halloween? Will you get this to add to your merch collection? Let us know in the comments below.


UPDATE 1: Hot Topic has the Halloween Town Sora plushie available for order on their website at a discounted price of $10.90 USD.


You can take a look at the Hot Topic product description for the plushie below:


Whenever Sora visits Halloween Town he turns into his vampire form, but with a pumpkin mask on the side of his face. Grab this Hot Topic exclusive plush version of Sora!

  • 9" tall
  • Polyester
  • Imported


UPDATE [Nov. 22, 2017]: The Halloween Town Sora plushie is available to purchase at EB Games Australia, on the EB Games Australia website, at Zing Pop Culture Australia, and on the Zing Pop Culture Australia website. You can purchase it for the $20.00 AUD ($15.19 USD) on the EB Games Australia website here, or the Zing Pop Culture Australia website here.


You can take a look at the EB Games Australia and Zing Pop Culture Australia product description for the plushie below:


Straight from the Destiny Islands and just in time for Halloween comes Funko's new Sora Halloween Town plush!

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