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Series director Tetsuya Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts III & Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ at Square Enix's "Spotlight on Kingdom Hearts" event


Today at E3 2015, Square Enix is holding a special "Spotlight on Kingdom Hearts" event. This follows their press conference earlier in the day, where they featured a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III and announced Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.


Cut-off footage from the original announcement of Tangled being introduced into Kingdom Hearts III.



Here are live updates from the "Spotlight on Kingdom Hearts" event:


4:55PM (USA PST): Square Enix's "Spotlight on Kingdom Hearts" is about to begin! The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter has just announced that series director Tetsuya Nomura will be speaking here about the E3 2015 announcements.


5:00PM (USA PST): The stream has been delayed by 15 minutes. It will be starting soon!


5:20PM (USA PST): The stream has begun, Tetsuya Nomura and Co-Director Tai Yasue have appeared!


5:25PM (USA PST): Tetsuya Nomura explains the reason behind Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.


5:30PM (USA PST): Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is stated that it takes place before the keyblade war. They revealed a chart of the storyline which you can see below.

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5:35PM (USA PST): Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ artwork is discussed with Nomura!


5:41PM (USA PST): Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts III and it's recent news at E3!


5:43PM (USA PST): The reason behind Tangled is because of the characteristics of Rapunzel, her determination and hair, making for an interesting battle style according to Nomura.


5:49PM (USA PST): Nomura was asked if there are other worlds to expect in Kingdom Hearts III he replies that they met with Disney and expect to see more news regarding world selection soon.


5:51PM (USA PST): The inspiration behind Sora's new outfit in Kingdom Hearts III is that many fans were devoted to the Kingdom Hearts II outfit and Nomura listened. He took the designs from Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 3D: [Dream Drop Distance] which is what drove the design of his new outfit in Kingdom Hearts III.

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5:58PM (USA PST): Nomura confirms that Sora has the same size and proportion as he did in Kingdom Hearts II.


6:02PM (USA PST): Attraction flow is a major part of gameplay in Kingdom Hearts III also that the rides / theme park attractions will be a major feature in Kingdom Hearts III.

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6:03PM (USA PST): Some assets/features were cut off from the Kingdom Hearts III trailer, they will be shown later.

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WTF Nomura is there?!

oh boy, there are no breaks on the Hype Train!!


Please be exicted - Square.

Edited by Sakuraba Neku

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Is it me or his voice has changed?


I'm honestly glad they did the change. I liked the KH2 outfit but it's a new numbered title so it was needed.

Edited by Sorarocks93

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Dat Trollmura though at the end where hes like, "All this time we could have shown something new.Oh well, too bad."

Nomura can be an ass when he wants to be.

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Is anybody else having problems with the audio in the video? It's just a bunch of static bug noises to me! Why?!?!!

I thought the same thing but it's not static bug noises, they're just speaking Japanese. 



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