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  1. I believe I said this in another thread regarding Tabata's comments, but when it comes to people in this specific kind of field where theyre really passionate about what they do, they can push on through despite how stressful it might be. It might be a different job, but I know animators like Glen Keane who love what they do so much that they just cant really stop doing what he does(that being animation) because he loves to do it. If you want me to draw comparison to a game developer, look at Sakurai. That guy had some serious health issues when developing the latest Smash Bros, but what does he do when he finally finishes the game? He doesnt take a vacation, but has instead decided to work on one of his other projects. These guys clearly love what they do, and if they wanna keep going despite how stressful it may be, let them. Theyre clearly devoted to their work.
  2. Well tech and fantasy isnt exactly new in the Zelda series, Skyward Sword tried exploring the concept here and there. But as far as the rest of that info goes it would be cool to see.
  3. Previously I posted an animation focused on the Mario Bros. Considering all the reference material I made in preparation for that animation, Id fugure I make a more dedicated place to post the art, just in case anyone wanted to reference my drawing if they wanna do fan art of Mario and Luigi, and for those who just like looking at pretty pictures. Anyways, now Im gonna focus on more original art during the summer. Hopefully do some animation studies on some of my favorite movies as well.
  4. I recently submitted my animation final for my storyboard and fundamentals class. This is what I turned in. Drawing Mario and Loogy can be fun.
  5. You sure the link isnt messed up? It should embed like so.
  6. A new trailer for 2.8 at the very least. Its not that unreasonable of a request right? It is expected to come out sometime this year in Japan if I recall correctly so were gonna get information from it sooner or later. E3 would be a good time for them to show what they got.
  7. ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE WILL BE ANSWERED IN OVERWATCH'S NEW DLC PACK/COMIC! You see that?That kind of curiosity you have their is what Blizzard has in mind. With that kind of curiosity, they can sell you more products to help answer your questions and give them more money. But as far as it being "marketed as a story" goes, thats not what I got from what its marketing. Thats a fair point to make, but with multi-player games people are focused on how long they can play the game without getting bored of it. I mean I can play Smash 4 and Melee FOREVER because playing friends is just fun. If youd like more story thats fair but multi-player games are driven by good gameplay that doesnt get stale.
  8. It doesnt need one? Games that are focused solely on multiplayer arent necessarily made with the mindset of people wanting to play the game on their own. From what Ive seen it isnt exactly selling itself as a game that has its own story campaign to play, so Im not exactly pissed about it not having a story. However,with all the characters that theyve put into it, along with the shorts that they keep pushing out for it, I wouldnt be surprised if later down the road Overwatch ended up doing what Team Fortress 2 did and start having its own dedicated comics and shorts. It seems like the game is the start of a bigger plan that Blizzard has in mind to make Overwatch this big new franchise. But you gotta have a good product to sell from the get go in order for that to happen, so for them to focus their priorities on making a good game first and focus on any story stuff later is honestly not a bad decision for Blizzard to make.
  9. Oh nooooooooooooooooooo. Look at my pretty pictures now. Carpal Tunnel is sure to return now.
  10. I agree with what you said except with these two points. When it comes to the whole Zelda thing in regards to it "not improving sales" we have been proven wrong. Twilight Princess was for sure a factor in transitioning people from the Gamecube to the Wii, especially when you notice that the Wii version sold more copies than its previous version. Looking at the other consoles currently as well like the PS4, them porting games over from the PS3 to their current console has only helped newcomers who never owned the previous console to get into the PS4, cause now that they get to play all these highly acclaimed games that they couldnt have played otherwise cause they didnt want to invest into a console that was near the end of its cycle. If anything(assuming the NX isnt backwards compatible, but even than my point still stands to an extent) it be a smart move for them to just port over games like Splatoon and Smash 4 over to the WiiU. If newcomers get the opportunity to play all these great games that they heard had high acclaim while being able to invest in a console thats for sure gonna have new games coming out for it, that would be a smart move on Nintendos part. So if anything, them porting one of their big games over to the NX is for sure gonna boost sales where it wouldnt otherwise. As far as that other point thing goes, Id agree with you if it wasnt for the fact that they havent even revealed what the product is yet. There is no way to market something that hasnt even been revealed yet.However, whenever they do reveal the damn thing, and if their reveal of it along with the marketing for it is weak, than we can criticize them for that, but until they show the damn thing I wouldnt call it "Poor Marketing."
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