Tetsuya Nomura has exclusively revealed an artwork contribution for the Mickey: The True Original exhibition


Mickey: The True Original Exhibition is an upcoming event for New York, starting on November 8 2018 to finishing on February 10 2019. The event is celebrating Mickey Mouse’s influence on art and pop culture over 90 years. A 16,000 square-foot exhibition of many artworks from renowned artists can be explored by guests.

King Mickey has played an important role in Kingdom Hearts; because of this creator Tetsuya Nomura is contributing one of his Kingdom Hearts: coded artworks into the upcoming Mickey: The True Original Exhibition.

IGN has exclusively revealed an original sketch from Nomura down below:


Nomura has also left a description of the sketch in the Ultimania book.


"I usually do not draw storyboards for a trailer, but I decided to draw one this time as it was early on in development and I had some time on my hands. I drew it imagining that we would most likely have a scene like this in the game, considering the story for Kingdom Hearts Coded"

Nomura's sketch will be featured in the Original Muse section of the exhibition and it is the first time people can view the sketch in person.


Will you be attending the Mickey Mouse exhibition? Let us know in the comments!

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He's quite the artist.  I love this story board of his.  However, I won't be able to attend because I don't have the funds to make it to New York nor to even get a hotel.

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