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The mystery of the Kingdom Hearts Disney ambassador hotel room treasure chest

Late last year, the official Tokyo Disney Resort announced the return of the Kingdom Hearts Disney ambassador hotel room. This room is now available for those who managed to reserve a spot, and there's one particularly intriguing facet about the room that potentially warrants discussion. 

So, within this area is a treasure chest, and its contents are not allowed to be shown until April 28th, 2022, likely to not spoil future room reservers. However, a prominent translator in the Kingdom Hearts community, Audrey, who has been within the room, has stated the contents of the treasure chest since that isn't explicitly restricted. 

She has been continually updating details regarding the contents on Twitter, but what is clear so far is that there is an Oathkeeper Keyblade with a differently depicted design than the norm. Apparently, the keychain is different, being entirely blue rather than half-blue.

With how meticulously crafted the Keyblade is, this could likely not be a production error. Audrey's following tweet further describes the keychain's appearance.

There could be no deep meaning to any of this, but there are still notable oddities about the difference in design. Regardless, we can add this as another point of speculation as we await the anniversary event on April 10th. 

Kingdom Hearts content creator Bio-Roxas provided the following reasonable statements that could explain this design choice for the Oathkeeper keychain:

You can view the Twitter thread from Audrey detailing and showcasing the Kingdom Hearts Disney ambassador hotel room below:


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hilariously, if you want answers and not this cryptic, drawn-out teasing that is undoubtedly an attempt to drum up business for her website, you can just check out eBay listings, including actual photos of the ambassador edition of the Oathkeeper.

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Thanks for informing us about this, Orpheus!

I find this to be very intriguing! Could it be perhaps that Nomura is at it again and perhaps there's some deeper significance? We'll find out on April! So hyped!

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